Friday, November 8, 2013

Christmas photos

Its coming up that time of year again...Time to take my family Christmas photo. I started making my own photo Christmas card way back in 2008 when miss Joy was 4 and Joe was 2. Even back then it was a mission to get the "money shot"so to speak. If there is one thing I have learnt is that my children don't really want to sit for anything more than one shot!
" Just one more...and smile this time...not like that like this...hey stop elbowing your sister...hey don't throw the baubles!!! " Argh the frustration!!
Generally I try and get as many shots as I can...and pick the best of a bad bunch!

I was looking back on what I had done over the years...and I'm so glad I took the time and did each one. It takes time to set up and process..but it gives you a treasured memory of Christmas that year.

Down memory lane....

The first one is probably my favourite. And the one that got the most oohs and aahs from the recipients that year. I had set it on a handmade black card so the colours really "popped" from the photo.


That years was shot at Takapuna Beach with Rangitoto in the background. I was so mad at my self this particular year..because it wasn't until I got home and put the photos on the computer that I realized all that photos had a little blurry spot in the middle. I couldn't figure it out..until I realized I hadn't cleaned the lens after hubster had taken the camera on a wake boarding trip! The pohutakawa tree looked amazing that year. The sky was blue and the ocean looked amazing...Just a pity the camera and lame photographer (me) couldn't capture the beauty on film.

This year we added a cranky baby into the mix by the name of Zak zak. He was 5 months old and in no mood for photos that day...this shot was the only photo he wasn't upset in. Taken at Whangarei heads somewhere.

This year I made letters to spell JOY. I bought them from Spotlight and painted them red. I tried sitting them all together, but Mr Zak zak again wasn't very compliant..he started stealing all the letter off his siblings. In the end I did each shot individually  and collaged them together. Joe had taken some skin off his nose days before so, he was looking a bit worse for wear. 


I was keen for another beach shot this year and had some ideas for props. Again Mr Zak Zak wasn't having a bar of it this year. Luckily the other two are quite photogenic, so I could instruct them to hold their pose while we got the naughty toddler back in the shot. 
Next time I do a beach shot I will check the tide chart too...the sea would have looked better at full tide. This is the beautiful Matapouri Beach...make sure you check it out if you are a visitor to Northland, New Zealand. 

I have been having a look through Pintrest for this years Christmas card idea...Cant wait! Hopefully Mr Zak zak will sit still this year!

Have you got any ideas for getting the ants in your pants type kid to sit still for a shot?


Sima J said...

I lovelovelove that last beach one .. VERY clever :-) Great idea and means you'll have at least one great shot of all the kids every year! :-)

Katie said...

Love them all! Can't wait to see what you come up with this year!

Simoney said...

So cool! What a nice tradition, Jacksta! And so lovely to see them all here in one spot - I specially love that beach one (the card)

Miriam said...

Inspiring! I need to have a go at something like this

Miss Becky-Boo said...

SO precious Jacks!

Clare Hubbard said...

This is so fantastic, Jacksta. I love each one and the stories behind them crack me up! Just a thought, does Zak zak like to do things himself? Could he maybe take a couple of photos himself after he is a 'good boy' for you to take some photos… Not sure if that is a go, but just an idea! Can't wait for this years photo! We have started a personalized christmas card too… I think it's a lot of fun x

Sammy said...

Great idea Jacksta and so good to look back and see the changes over the years. Nice one x

Leonie said...

Love these Jackie! We do a family photo every year too and there are always challenges! Great ideas and the final pictures looked great :) Looking forward to seeing what you do this year!

Widge said...

such a cool idea and maaaaaaaan do I know how hard it is to get a bunch of kids looking good at the same time (split second even!) ugh

Barbara Holbrook said...

Hi Jacksta,
Love this post and seeing the year-to-year changes on your Christmas cards. I'd like to feature one of your photos in a post I'm writing about taking family pictures. You will receive credit as the source with a link to your website. Please contact me or let me know the best way to reach you.
- B

Bron said...

They are great ...we do the same although i make us all sit for the have given me some creative ideas for this year.