Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bullet point life

  • The other day was takeout night...the kids opted for McDonalds, while we had Thai. I realized I should really be up for worst mum of the year when I looked back and saw that while were going through the drive thru, Zak Zak was sucking on a giant lollie pop! Ha! McDs and lollies Tisk Tisk!
  • Ive been keeping up with the walking most weeks. This is a patience exercise for me...because I really really want to try and run it...but I'm trying to build up the strength in my sore knees. Today I tried running  anyway, for about 20 seconds before I realized I did not have the bra for it. Yep these former breast feeders need a double sports bra when undertaking anything more than brisk walk. They could take my eye out. One of these days I'll get back to a B cup! 
  • So I told you awhile ago I started instagraming? Well Ive found on my walks its quite cool to take in the sights of the neighbourhood and look for good instagram opportunities. Its good fun and keeps my mind occupied from "ARGGHH this sucks!" to....."ooh look at that pretty thing" And so I stop and take a photo and a breather at the same time. You should try it. I never used to be a Hash tag fan...but Im seeing the point now. So I hash tag it #onthewalktoday, and can look back at the pretty pictures I've taken on the walk. Its a good motivator. So if you take your phone out for a walk with you and instagram,  hash tag it #onthewalktoday and we can be virtual walking buddies :)
  • Here's some of my #onthewalk pics. Its amazing how diverse peoples front yards are aye? I try so hard to look casual when I take pictures in case a car drives past or the neighbours catch me...I pretend to be changing a track on the music or something. a stealth ninja!

  • I have probably mentioned it before, but since arriving in Whangarei, I am yet to find one particular hairdresser that I love. Not a word of a lie..Over the last 12 years...I have been to every single hair salon in the CBD. That's a lot! I am weird about my hair....when I feel like a haircut...I need to do right then and there. So the other day I was having one of these moments and stopped in at a couple of places...and they were booked, but there was this one place that I always drive past but have never tried, so I stop in and they have an appointment available. Yay. It turned out to be the first time I've had a transgender person cut my hair...or to be honest... spent much time with. We got to chatting and it turned out we knew some of the same people. I in turn could tell him what I hated about my hair...and he gave me some tips and all in all it was a really fun appointment. By some random spontaneous need to have a haircut, we crossed paths and  it helped me get over my prejudices. 
  • This was how it looked the day I did it. But do you think I could get it to look anything like it a couple of days later?? Darn you hair dressers and your hairdressing superpowers!! *waves fist*

  • Alas my month off work is over. Boy, is it over. People....Stop being sick! So I wont have to work so darn hard! 
  • So I have started the Christmas Shopping. Have you? On one hand I like the giving...on the other hand it does get a little stressful. So I'm going to pace myself...Like... buy a present per week! Its only once a year...its only once a year....breathe people!
  • of my favourite programmes "Private Practice" ended. Like completely ended!  And TV2 had the brilliant idea to bump it even later that started at 1130pm! It used to be at 930pm...sheesh...its was bad enough that it was ending let alone making me stay up so late for it. In other news TV4 have stopped showing New Girl until they get their Poop together...Argh Come on! Guess Ill have to get some new hobbies since there's nothing good to watch. 
  • Does anyone else think we should invent the word "pinteresting". Here, Ill use it in a sentence...."ooohhh look at that, that is so Pinteresting!" It would be in reference to something that is beautifully crafted and or photographed...worthy of being on Pinterest. 
  • On a side note....please do not follow my Humor Board on Pinterest...I'm a afraid you'll notice my strange sense of humor and no longer respect me as a person. But I am getting a pretty good collection of ecards....those things crack me up.
  • I read this interesting blog post from the Matt Walsh Blog on parenting that I thought was worth a linky. He has an interesting point of view on a lot of topics. 
  • And this article minus the colourful language summed up how I feel about the whole INTRAVERT/ EXTROVERT debate : "15 signs that you're neither an introvert nor an extrovert, you're just a human being with largely the same responses to social situations as everyone else." Link Here
  • I saw "The Help" movie on TV the other night...and have an overwhelming desire to make "Minnies Chocolate pie" and Fried chicken!
  • Okay so I have to end with a funny picture from my Humor board on Pinterest...

I told you my sense of humor is weird! So funny.
xx Jacksta-B


TracyP said...

I personally LOVE your sense of humor!

PaisleyJade said...

Haha - that is funny, and love your hair and your walk pics AND totally think Pinteresting should be a new word!

Curious Runner said...

Pinteresting is a great word! I love New Girl, bring it back tv4!!! Oh and I love ecards, They are too good!

Meghan M said...

Jackie, YOU yourself are PINTERESTING! I love that you have gotten over your dislike of #hashtags and can now see the benefit - I like it that people who I don't follow or don't follow me might still see the odd pic because of a hashtag and LIKE it. I love that introvert/extravert article - very well written! And i love your bullet points...sheesh I just love you, don't ever change!

Bron said...

Great collection of sad the leave is all finished.....keep laughing all the way back to the workplace. xxx

Widge said...

Oh man SO on the same page on the introvert/extrovert thing. Loved that article. Hate the labels/excuses blah
And I was just looking through my old Instagram pics last night (I really don't treat it as a social network) and was really pleased with so many if my pics. It's actually more of a creative outlet for me too.

Renee said...

Haha, that's awesome! I'm going to go and stalk your pinterest boards now! I remember getting my haircut down south by a guy that wore more make up than me.