Thursday, October 17, 2013

When dreams become a reality

This is a story about a lovely young lady called Olivia. We met way back in 1999 when I moved to the city. She was still in high school back then, and I was starting my Nursing degree at Polytechnic. We were part of a wider group of friends and young people at our local church youth group.

Olivia finished high school and went on to study beauty therapy in Auckland. In her mid semester break she happily volunteered to do our make up for my wedding. The day before the wedding we had a great time having facials and getting our nails done...with the Sound of Music movie playing in the background.Don’t ask! We also had a flannelette  pajama burning ceremony....but I digress! On my actual wedding day she made me up so beautifully, that I still look at my framed wedding photo in awe of her magical touch. She showed such a natural talent for beauty therapy before she had even qualified. Later she returned home and began working as a fully qualified beauty therapist.

Olivia doing my make up on my wedding day.
In the years that have past, she has since married and had three children, and we have gotten to know each other better through our mums group and our children being friends. She is one of those people who is beautiful inside and out,  is always encouraging and a pleasure to be around.

Over the years she has worked a little, trying to balance some work hours with family life, all the while dreaming of a little beauty therapy spot to call her own in order to work from home and be a mum too.

A few years ago she purchased a property that had a tenanted flat attached to it. The place was an ideal spot for a beauty therapy business. It was the perfect size and location, but it needed a bit of work and it also needed to be at the right time. So she sat on it...waiting for the right time for her dream to become a reality. After 4 years of it being tenanted it became empty and she knew it was time.  Along with her supportive husband, she has personally spent the last few months completely renovating the studio into a completely new space. The one bedroom flat is now a newly refurbished Beauty Therapy Studio called “The Bach”.

I am just so excited for her and so proud of her! Watching from the sidelines and waiting with anticipation to see this all unfold for her is just so very cool. I went out and visited her today to see how it was all coming along with my camera and I was so overcome with joy for her. All her hard work and patience has paid off, and she is all ready for business.  The space is so warm and inviting, with a really pretty colour scheme. It is secluded and private and has a nice outlook to the ocean. The massage bed and nail studio are all set up. The towels are rolled and ready. The products are all lined up on the shelf. Its all finally ready to go!

Did I mention I am so EXCITED for her!

I offered to use my teensy little bit of cyber space to tell you about her...with absolutely no remuneration in mind purely just because she is my friend and I love her.  I personally can’t wait to be in that bed overlooking that ocean view having a relaxing facial.

If you head over to her Facebook page and copy and paste the words. "Jacksta-B sent me over to say PICK MEEEEEE!!!!." on to her Facebook wall, you will go into a draw to win a voucher to spend at The Bach!! If you are from out of town or (country!) ...but have a Whangarei resident  in mind (or a favourite Whangarei blogger...hehe! ) that you would love to nominate ...go right ahead and enter too! 
If you don't do Facebook and are keen to win a voucher for you or a Whangarei friend, leave the comment PICK MEEEEEEEEEEE!!! on the end of this post. Good Luck!

Entries for the voucher will close on October 31st 2013

The Bach runs by Appointment only and can cater to after hours clients who are unable to make it during day time hours due to work commitments or child care arrangements.
Check out her treatments and prices on her Facebook page and book in your beauty therapy appointment with my lovely friend today!


Bron said...

Pick MEEEEEEE but I live in I would love "Neetz" to have a chance to win xxxxxx

What a great dream...all the best. xxx

dearfutureme... said...

Awwww Jackie you are so sweet! That's my bestie - so proud!

Miriam said...

I so get that feeling of being so super excited, proud and pleased to watch someone's dream unfold for them. It's wonderful x

Curious Runner said...

Naaaawwww what a sweet post. Olive is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Aww, what a great plug :-)
Liv is my beautiful sister-in-law! Love her to bits and so proud of her.


Renee said...

Awesome post!! It looks Awesome!

A little bit Country said...

Pick meeeeeeee! I would love to win this for my lovely Step mum.......for putting up with my Dad, ha! xo