Sunday, October 13, 2013

done already?

  • These holidays have whizzed past, I cant believe that they are over!
  • Did I tell you I'm on holiday?! For a whole month even. I have been looking forward to them all year...since February to be exact. At my work place, the annual leave calendar gets filled up for the entire year pretty quickly. Some people have been known to take three months off right on January 1st! This will be the longest holiday I've have since my last maternity leave stint 3 years ago. While I am enjoying not even thinking about work, it does seem a little weird to have a holiday from the so little hours I do anyway. I just wish I was going some Hawaii!
  • When the kids go back to school, Ill be doing a whole lot of this...

  • Yes M2 is a mens magazine...but I like the articles. And an old time family friend is the publisher/editor. So I like to support him. 
  • My lovely Hubster is on holiday too, for two short weeks. Sadly he isn't  doing a lot of coffee drinking and magazine reading. I have the whip out so he can do some long awaited jobs around the help build a retaining wall.
  • His poor nice clean soft hands have blisters and callus's. The joys of being a home owner. We still have a hallway to paint...which I will try and help with next week when the kids go back to school and aren't running around being in the way.  

  • Lots of spontaneous days have been had these holiday..if you read my last blog post. The kids have pretty much just had play dates and hung out at home playing a new computer game. 
  • We did however take the little tike to his first zoo visit. He was such a laugh, with his map. Well it wasn't funny at the time. We started off at the the left. And all he wanted to see was a spider! Which was all the way on the other side of the we'd go...look the elephant Zak zak...and he'd say..."I WANNA SEE SPIDEEEEERRRRR!". A little teeny bit frustrating that kid! After a while I suggested we just get to the spider which was actually the tarantula...and he didn't even get that excited when he saw it. Funny little guy. You forget how much walking you need to do...along with the extra miles we parked away from the entrance...because it was the such a busy day to visit. Any hoo. Making memories aye?!

  • Can you really go the zoo and not have a photo inside the dragons mouth?
  • So I joined instagram. The jury is still out on that one. What I'm discovering is a whole lot of my favourite bloggers are all in this ap instead of blogging. It really is like a whole new world in there. I feel like one of those newbies to Facebook...while the rest of the world has been doing it since 2007, we all snigger at the way they incorrectly write updates in the wrong bits. Yep this happened the me on instagram. I recorded my first movie and it didn't even have any sound, which was the whole point because I was listening to Irish music. Fail. 
  • A week in and Hashtags still pee me off. I'm sure in a little while my eyes wont be bothered by them..or maybe they still will. #Firstworldproblems. 
  • I did warn the people who begged me to join instagram, that I would be one of those annoying people who instagram their plates of food. See... 
Saturday night takeaways. So yum

  • Trying to separate instagram photos- with Facebook photos- with blog photos to make sure the same people don't have to see the same photos,  it seems is a challenge. Gotta keep it fresh
  • So I participated in my first blog swap. It was the NZ mug swap 2013 I think I missed the brief. My poor mug swap partner must be thinking she got ripped off! I put a LOT of thought into the actual MUG...and not a lot else to be fair. And then my mug swap partner goes and gives me this awesome package. Thank you so much Heather from This Mum Rocks. I'm blown away. 

  • I went out and watched the movie Gravity with these two lovely chicks...followed by apple and cinnamon tea at the Fat Camel.  It was a cool movie, but then I've been a Sandra Bullock fan since SPEED. George Clooney I can take or leave! Okay he was good in Oceans Eleven. 

Kristy and Becky
  • I recently saw this outside a pub on the waterfront in Auckland. Haha...

  • This cartoon always cracks me up!


  •'s the home stretch till Christmas. We can do it! One more school term and then some summer holidays. Bring it on. 

xx Jacksta-B


Clare Hubbard said...

Love hearing how life is for you AND that you are an instagrammer! Talk of summer gets me so excited but there is a lot to do until then. Baby Hub's first birthday plans an' all! Whoa, how did it go so fast, Jacksta?

Will be definitely catching up this time round too :)

Leonie said...

Your mug is so pretty!!!
I don't know how you could watch that movie Gravity though? eek! looks to scary for me.

Have a fab break from work!

Miriam said...

I totally get that whoops I missed the brief feeling with swaps but I love doing them as well so I do. I missed this one though. Love that leave your husband here pub sign that is awesome. x

Meghan M said...

Wow - cool to have a month off - oh um ha ha what I am I saying I was almost feeling jealous and I'm doing the same?! Kids are funny how they get so one tracked minded about the smallest things - sounds like you have had a fun holiday though and as you didn't come to Welly hopefully that means when you do I'll be there this time!!!!

Re hashtags - I never used them till recently and it's only because I'm trying to build up a bit more of a following that I do - I can see why you think they are a bit pointless cos I did too!

Leonie said...

Sounds like a great holiday! The zoo is always good fun :) Good luck with the retaining wall! Bring on the next holidays! it's all downwards from here!

Katie said...

Enjoy your holiday!

Bron said...

Hope your leave is going well...lots of coffee and mag reading ...oh and a little bit of that house maintenance stuff too. x