Tuesday, October 1, 2013

let spontaneity reign

Its the school holidays here in NZ. yay.
This mumma had plans...plans for fun.
Plans for outings and activities.
I was even working on a little holiday programme....one that was detailed to the hour. To try and stuff in as much in as possible.
Crafting at the library. Swimming lessons. going to chipmunks. a movie day, taking a family trip up to the northern most tip of the North. a trip to Auckland to the zoo maybe even Kelly Tarltons.
All my suggestions were met with negativity. One of them wanted to do it ..the other didn't ("BUT I dont like long drives, I've already been to the zoo, I  don't like crafting, or making kites or making a bug catcher")...and so on down the list. Neither seemed keen to do any of my fun suggestions. Seriously...I almost pulled out the "when I was your age" card.
That's it! I called it. Holiday plans are over..no ACTIVITIES...we will entertain ourselves at home..we go nowhere...
That was yesterday.

Today I woke to the sounds of children actually playing nicely.
Jumping on the wobbly trampoline
Pushing each other up and down the hallway in a large box,
Playing "Church" with all their soft toys lined up in the seats with the music cranked up being song leaders.
Playing hide and seek outside in the fresh air.
Looking after their kid brother.
Helping themselves to the cupboard when they are hungry.
No schedules, no bell to tell them when to eat, and when to sit.

Just unruly, loud holiday behavior.
Time to be themselves.
Unscheduled...time to relax and unwind from the school term.

So today while I enjoyed my breakfast in bed, catching up on last nights Grey Anatomy on Demand...I decided  plans are NOT what the doctor ordered...and spontaneity need's to reign instead.

Happy Holiday's

PS: If your kids would like to have some fun at the Library  while we are at home doing not much...heres the link for their their free holiday programme for school age kids


dearfutureme... said...

So cool - you rock, Mama! Love that meme!

PaisleyJade said...

I was trying to organise some holiday things yesterday with Syms and he said that he hates being boxed in and prefers spontaneous fun. Everyone is different huh!

Miriam said...

oh the joy of self-entertaining children - good for you for going with the flow. Do link in to BMWB if you want to x

meg said...

I always try and jam pack in lots of things too. But mine are the same, they need some time to play randomly at home and to bicker sometimes and not have the school schedule to stick to. Yay for holidays and breakfast in bed and Grey's Anatomy!

Neetz said...

Love it! Yeah sometimes spontaneous is the best option!. We did pictures on Monday while Kendyl was at daycare... today we all just blobbed and cleaned the house and ate and slept in... haha.. tomorrow.. perhaps we'll do the library thing.. we'll see! ;)