Wednesday, August 21, 2013

time for a catch up.

  • well good morning ya'll.I finally have moment to myself...yes there is washing to do...and last nights dishes...but they can wait. Because its time for a bullet point pondering post. 
  • The tummy is full...hubby and I had a rare breakfast out together this morning...alone. BC-before children... we used to have breakfast out ALL the time. It was our thing. We had our favourite spot...which is still my favourite coffee house all these years later. Today we tried somewhere new..and both had a 'ARF English breakfast. Half=Arf in British. So good. 
  • My poor wee poppet of a 9 year old had an accident at school last week. Participating in school fitness she and her friend were trying to tag  the same person and her face smacked into her friends forehead and her permanent front tooth fell out. I was called on my cell phone straight away by a very worried sounding school secretary (Paisley Jade). I high tailed it there and made it in under 5 minutes. I knew exactly what to do! I had within the last few months googled "what to do if  your permanent tooth is knocked out"...I cannot even even remember why I had googled it! I read that it was an emergency to get it back in there ASAP. Thankfully the school nurse had placed it in milk and in a bag which was the other essential thing to do.  I rang the hospital dental service and they would see her straight away. We managed to get there within the magic hour. Time is critical. My girl is brave. Like really she is. She was crying I got there...I calmed her down and she stopped crying and hasn't cried about it since. Even when  the dentist shoved it back in the socket...and after the subsequent bleeding a few days later. She really is a trooper. The dentists say that there will be a lot on ongoing care and procedures with it all and it will probably never last forever requiring a falsie...but she assured us they will make it look good again. ARGHH! Kids and the silly things they do to themselves! 
  • I have been working a day or two extra than usual, which is good. The other day, I had a nursing student working with first one in YEARS! Because I usually work such unsociable hours like nights and weekends..I usually avoid them. But it felt good to pass on some knowledge. Having to explain everything you do is probably quite good to do once in while...because you can get into a rut and just do things because that's the way you've always done it and not really think anymore. I should do it more often. 
  • A new house is being built behind our section . BOO! The neighbours had subdivided their land and the section had been on the market for years. But alas...someone finally bought it...and it looks like their lounge window will look right down the hill and  into our kitchen and dining window. We'll have to pull the blinds down now. No more quick dashes to get a glass of water in my undies in the morning now! TMI?
  • Master Zak Zak has started Play Gym. I have tried the library fun-time and mainly music with this little guy...but so far this preschool activity has been the most suited to his personality. He really just needs a place to run and get rid of energy. He usually hates following directions and action songs so I was pleasantly surprised when I caught him actually following along with the teacher. Perhaps its an age thing too. They start off with a few songs then have a circuit set up for the rest of it. Up and over and jumps...all great learning for the little chap. But following directions...waiting your turn...are the big things that this little spoilt-yougest-child needs a good dose of! Only one tanty that particular morning and it was right at the that is already an improvement after three times going. The teacher is a lovely lady too!

  • Hubby and I have October off on holiday together. We were hoping to take the kids to Wellington...but with all the shaking down there at the moment...maybe we better stay in Northland....where it never shakes...Maybe you guys should move up here...Just saying?! 
  • Home renovations maybe on the to do list in October instead. We have one room left in the house that desperately needs a makeover....our bathroom.  I hate it. The shower was installed wrong by the previous owners and leaks through the floor boards sometimes. We'll have to save up some more for that job...bathrooms are expensive! AND we need a wall retained in the back yard. Goodness....the joys of being a home owner! 
  • Speaking of home renos... we are a little obsessed with the show  House Rules. I didn't want to like it because Im not a fan of the auzzie show "the block". But I have really enjoyed the show and  the contestants.It looks like it is in its last week of I wonder who will win. No spoilers please!
  • SPRING IS AROUND THE CORNER!! just a little but excited about that! Winter I will not miss you. Although I am glad I bought myself a puffer jacket this year... Why didn't someone tell me about these wonderful creations sooner. It's like hanging out in a sleeping bag...instantly warm! Winter fashion is not my favourite season. I can't wait for jandals, shorts and a tee shirt. I would totally rock living on a tropical island.  
  • So it seems as though some of my favourite bloggers are dropping the blogging I miss you guys...Widge...Gail... Stacey... Weza... Liz. I'm looking at you gals.   Darn you Instragram....*waves fist*. Just kidding. Kind of. 
  • Aint this the truth!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. 



Johnny said...

We're obsessed over House Rules too! Slightly addictive show and I far prefer not being bombarded with sponsors being flashed throughout the show...hence why I will NOT be watching The Block NZ.
Glad to read your update lovely Jacksta...lots of love to you and your girl with the front tooth saga. Ouch!!

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

So glad you did this post before the housework. Ick.
Last night's dishes are the very worst.
We are suckers for anything housey on tv
Take care x

Widge said...

haha you're awesome! totally squirmed at hearing of your girls front tooth!
nice to "catch up" with ya x

Leonie said...

Oh we love House Rules too!!!!!
I'm still squirming about your girls tooth. eek! what a brave mama and girl!

Miriam said...

undie dashes.... I hear you. Our neighbous place looks right into our kitchen and she has a teenage son and I know that's not an education he needs!!!! x

TracyP said...

:( Poor Miss E

Clare Hubbard said...

Hey Jacksta! So awesome to catch up with whats been happening in your neck of the woods. Not so awesome with the tooth story, I hope she is healing well. Have a great weekend!

dearfutureme... said...

Mmmm, breakfast! And whew about the front tooth! I'm still here too. :-)