Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Spontaneous trip to Russell

These days being spontaneous and towing along a small brood for the ride is a rarity. An oxymoron even. Usually trips out of town need to be planned...at least a day in advance. And don't even talk to me about holidays with kids...that takes months...or in our case years worth of saving and planning.

So last Saturday I had the day off, and decided to see what my mum and dad were up to for the day. They were going to Russell (Bay of Islands)  for an art and craft show that was a Fundraiser for the old church. It was already 10am, we gave ourselves 15 minutes to get our A into G in the car and on our 1 hour trip out of town. 
I told her we would meet her there. Blow me down we caught them on the car ferry from Opua to Russell  just in time. Lucky...since we were having difficulty with her phone.  

{Car Ferry Opua to Russell}

{Art and Crafts fair}

{A clever man carving.} 

{Russell Waterfront}

{Teaching the kids to Skim stones.} 

{Fish and Chips....
with vinegar for the pommy fella}

{So hard to get a good selfie with the SLR...my arms aren't long enough with the lens.} 

{New Zealands oldest church}

{Flagstaff Hill}

 Ah the kids must be growing up if we can make it out the door with the bare essentials for the day (a nappy bag, wallet and keys, and few snacks)....Roll on future spontaneous trips on rare days off together. 


Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Love those church windows.So tall and elegant.
The carving is sooo clever and beautiful

Jennifer said...

Ahh! Hubby and I were just lamenting the fact that we went to Russell 13 years ago and have never been back (together) since then. LOVE that place. You have just made me miss it even more! Thanks for sharing the pics :o) I will show him later, too... BTW I haven't forgotten that I still need to email you some 3rd b'day party pics :o)

Jen x

TracyP said...

AMAZING!! You may have inspired me! We head south so often that I tend to forget about what is north of here, must go on an adventure with my kids up north soon!!

Widge said...

looks like a fun as day! I looooove spontaneous outings. So want to check out your part of the world one day.

dearfutureme... said...

What a beautiful day!!

Meghan at MNM's said...

Loved seeing you all hanging out where we visited this year. It's a pretty cool church huh. Yay for the return of spontaneity xx

Brigitte said...

So cool! Building great memories together. Love X

Bron said...

Arrr we were in Russell in July...such a beautiful place to wander for the day...a great memory of our NZ trip. xxx