Monday, March 18, 2013

weekend highlights

Weekend Highlights

I think I have mentioned this before...but at my place Friday after school is called Friday Fun-day. Instead of going straight home after school we head to local park and have a play for a while. You cannot believe how excited the kids get over this, they repeatedly say..."this is the the best day of the week." And it isn't even a big deal. I usually have a nice afternoon snack ready...or we grab an ice cream, and they LOVE it. It is consistency at its best. A couple of weeks a go we went on a bike ride all the way into town to the DVD store, just me and the older two. And it was great.  I'm not usually the parent of choice when it comes to doing fun stuff. Except on Friday afternoon! 

That kid in the red is my two year old. I couldn't believe he could get up that far. I have a hands off policy with this particular apparatus.  I figure if he can figure out how to get up on his own...he'll know how to get himself down. And he did. He may take a few years to get to the top, but at least he will get there him self.

I worked Friday night shift, that's 11 pm to 7 am. Yep shift work is not for the faint of heart. On the plus side I made it to the local Farmers Market at a good time. I have a favourite grower who supplies a delicious mescalin salad blend. As well as a delicious bottle of basil pesto. I have been enjoying the stuff on Vogel bread lately for breakfast and the kids LOVE it too.

Saturday I slept the day away...well tried to anyway. It was a crappy sleep. In the afternoon the kids needed some fresh air so we went over to the park across the road. We found a flattened card board box and the kids spent ages going up and down the hill. Old school fun!

Sunday  I worked again this time a morning shift and came home to hubby getting dinner started (a rarity) and a Guinness chilled all ready to celebrate St Paddys day!
We cranked up some U2 and then decided we should so an irish jig dance off. I showed the kids a you tube clip of the famous River Dance....Anyone remember Micheal Flatley?  They were keen!

As tired as I felt I HAD to make some St Paddys day baking. I had an idea to try a Baileys and coffee Chocolate brownie. Of course I googled a recipe and none jumped out me, so based on Paisley Jades Fudge Brownine recipe...I omited an egg and replaced the liquid with about 100ml of Baileys and a teaspoon of instant coffee powder. The result was a delicious moist brownie. SO yum! I am pooped. The shift work may take a few days to get over...I think I may have afternoon nap . Can't beat a great weekend of fun.


Sima J said...

Awesome! Love the fun times .. that vid is hilarious I LOVE it .. love Joe flying in in the background - great stuff!! :-)

Clare said...

Wow, that brownie look amaahaazing! Miss the kiwi baking over here :) There is only gas oven so sometimes it doesn't work so well... Such an awesome family Jacksta!

Meghan at MNM's said...

Your video is awesome - love that your gal is dancing all the time (pretty well I might add) and then the boys just video bomb her from time to time! Friday Fundays are such a good idea and a nice way to end the week and start the weekend xx

PaisleyJade said...

Loved the video and the brownies... and the cardboard riding! Love the sound of your Friday fun days. You and your family rock!

dearfutureme... said...

Great weekend!

Les Boucher said...

Good times

Les Boucher said...

Really good times