Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Big Apple" Cake

The evolution of an idea.

Offer to make friend a birthday cake.

Think about what friend is into.....

Friend recently went on a big trip to New York....Google cakes about New York. Can't really make the Statue of liberty...or high rise buildings or a yellow cab....Lower standard, due to poor skill at cake making...repeat search.

I know! (cue light bulb over head moment) ...a cake in the shape of an apple....for the "Big Apple". Google Big Apple Cake ideas. Hmmm...none really doable or jumping out at me

Invent own.

Do a rough Sketch of cake

Bake a chocolate fudge cake according to instructions.
Cut into the desired shape.

Lather that baby up with some delicious butter cream icing. 
Don't forget a "crumb layer"

 Take photo of said cake for "the blog"

Present to lovely birthday girl and hope she likes it.

Happy Birthday Liz from She exceeds rubies


Leonie said...

Haha, saw the photos on FB and IG and now my brain clicks! Big apple - well done Jacksta!

Miriam said...

ha ha awesome - those first lines made me laugh out loud!!

PaisleyJade said...

You rock!! Love the cake - I was even lucky enough to get a piece from the birthday girl to try!!

Clare said...

Fun fun fun. You are such a thoughtful friend!

Stacia said...

Very cool and a clever idea, lucky friend!

Ange said...

Love it!!

Gail said...

very, very cool!! Lucky Liz!

Widge said...

You're cool.

dearfutureme... said...

So clever!