Tuesday, February 26, 2013

9 Signs you are an uncool grown up.

1) You say or think things like "can you believe what the kids are wearing these days?!"
When I was at high school that latest rage was raiding your parents wardrobe for their seventies gear. Bell bottoms were in again, and thankfully my parents were hoarders so I thought I was so cool in original gears. And at the time I had an older friend who was in his twenties who remembered wearing them as a kid and he was mortified that they were "in" again. I thought he was so uncool! And now....people are wearing things I used to wear in the eighties and nineties and I think exactly the same as him now!
I marvel at the height some boys can get with their hair
Or jean shorts that are so short you can still see the pockets poking out the bottom??

Yep I am officially uncool.

2) You write letters of complaints:
This week alone I have written two emails of complaint! I'm not usually a complainer, but in this consumer driven society why not!? The first one was to Sky TV. They may not be playing the NRL season on TV this year. After only recently subscribing to Sky in recent years and watching sports for the first time since it used to be free, we were enjoying watching the games. I let them know we would cancel our subscription if it wasn't happening!
And this morning I sent our local cinema this little email:

Why is the Whangarei Cinema not playing the Silverlinings play book!??? It was advertised as “coming soon”...and then on the release date it had disappeared! It’s an Oscar nominated movie...and there are enough nutters in the Northland area who might enjoy the story content. Please reconsider thanks :)
Yours sincerely
Becky boo and I were looking forward to seeing it when it came here. 

Yep officially uncool.

3) You see your bank manager more than you see some relatives: 
I guess this one is more about being a grown up with grown problems like mortgages. But getting a mortgage is a fact of life these days, unless you get free money from rich parents! Fixing? floating? current official cash rate, the economy...all very geeky!

4) You prefer fashion from 5 years ago:
I am stuck in boot leg jeans. My thinking is...if you are not skinny...can you still pull off skinny jeans?...I don't think I can! I'm sticking with...wear clothes that enhance your body shape. I wish I cared more about it...and I do feel good after getting new clothes, but I'm super fussy and a little bit cheep!

Yep...I need a stylist because I'm officially uncool! 

5) You take afternoon naps:
It was a glorious Sunday afternoon recently, but instead of heading out somewhere I read a book and had a long nap! My body is out of whack with shift work...but really!? I really need to Carpe that flippin' Diem.

6) Instead of a night out you prefer a wine and a DVD or book:
Who can afford to pay a baby sitter $10-20 an hour and then pay $15 for the movie each and popcorn too. Yikes if you went and saw any of Peter Jackson's movies your baby sitter could make up to $30-60 for the night. A cheaper option is waiting for it to come out on DVD and having super market wine and snacks!

Yep officially old and uncool!

7) When a young colleague keeps saying the word "totes", you think; why can't you just say the whole word "totally", its not that long!
Once upon a time I was good at making up nick names for people because I couldn't be bothered saying their whole name. For a long time everyone called our Pastor..."Pastor G" because I couldn't be bothered saying his whole name...and what do you know it caught on!

Now shortening words...not so much!

8) It takes you a few weeks to catch on to the latest internet meme or dance craze.
So for a while I was thinking "what the heck is the Harlem Shake". So I actually asked google..."what is the harlem shake" It presented me with some videos like this:

If you are still dancing the Gangnam styles you are officially uncool.

9) You say the word "cool":
Things are no longer "Cool" they are "kewl", or "epic" or "sick"....I think. I dunno, you might wanna ask a sixteen year old!

"What-evs" anyways right!? I think this one really sums me up.

How cool are you one the Coolness dial??


Miriam said...

ha ha ha I LOVE this post. BTW - skinnies are on the way out apparently so stick with the bootlegs!! I'm with you on wearing what suits my shape - I also have an issue with tights as pants and butt cheeks hanging out the bottom of those awful, pockets hanging out, way-too-short denim shorts. I am TOTES uncool dude!! :-)

Clare said...

Hehe, love it and your humor!! And yes I only just googled 'Harlem Shake' on the weekend ;) Whatever happened to 'discos' when we used to stand on the walls of gymnasiums and push each other to dance with a boy! This gave me a good chuckle this morning friend!

Sima J said...

Bahaha you are funny .. and I am definitely uncool! ;-) But I love it so who cares :-)

Katie said...

Love, love, love - thanks for a lot of laughs :-)

PaisleyJade said...

Hehe - fab post.... Wait, is fab a bit of a dated word now?? Symon also wrote to the cinemas as they did the same thing with another movie he was looking forward to seeing! It's block buster all over the world but apparently northland isn't cultured enough for it!

Widge said...

Muh I wrote a super long comment ages ago that didn't work. Obviously.
You are totally cool man!
As am I.....

Sammy said...

I can't even begin to fathom how uncool I am. Maybe that's a blessing, ha!!!

Tara said...

then I am uncool too!!
I can't stand those short shorts and I've stuck with bootlegs too.
But I do love the Harlem Shake (especially the underwater one the UGA swim team did).
I don't get 'totes' but 'cool' is definitely staying in my vocabulary.

Great post!

dearfutureme... said...

HAHA I am super uncool. Love this post - so true!