Monday, September 17, 2012

The progressive blog

The progressive blog.

You know that feeling when you really want to blog because it has been far too long...and you had all these ideas leading up to it and then when you actually sit down to do draw a blank?

Well today I'm going to try a progressive blog. It is literally going to take me all day. I will leave the page open and when I remember something again...I will come and type it down. Capeesh?

9am: Google the word "Capeesh". The spell checker is not picking up the word I mean. Found it:

“Capisce?” is American pseudo-Italian slang for “understand?”In formal Italian, capisce is pronounced “cah-PEE-shay,” but in slangy Italian and English it’s “cah-PEESH.”

Well that's some great learning right there. And its only 9:02 on a Monday morning. Must be an Italian cultural themed 24 hours, because last night we watched a funny as rom-com called "When in Rome" with Kristen Bell and some other tall dark and handsome fella. I recommend it if you like predictable rom-coms. 


I was looking back on some photos of a family get together yesterday to find a descent one of me.  eyes are shut in most of them. Lame.

True story....when I was going for a passport photo a few years ago, Miss joy was 18months old  also needed a passport photo. I thought she would take a million pics and wouldn't sit still etc. Wrong. She clicked first shot and I needed several (10) shots because my eyes were shut in all of them. In the end we had to go flash-less. What a dink. Another embarrassingly true story my drivers license photo looks hideous because the same thing happened...but that time I made my eyes extra wide open so they wouldn't shut and it looks ridiculous.
At least hubby looks lovely. Weirdly Miss Joy is now starting to do the same thing...maybe we should both get our eyes tested.

We took the kids up the Auckland Skytower yesterday. The glass floors are so cool.

Later still...

I am so over talent shows..the voice...american idol...blah blahs got talent. Its too much.
But last night we caught the end of NZ's Got Talent. Did anyone see that "loop song musician". That was amazing. Here's the link in case you missed it.

I've never seen anyone do that before.

Okay enough of this. I better get some stuff done. I am the queen of procrastination.
I've decided to get back into some fitness and healthy eating. So I will avoid that chocolate brownie that a friend bought me. It's calling my name from the fridge. Eat me, eat me. I will resist and do my DVD exercise instead.

Many many many moments later.

Okay so now my arms hurt and I can barely type....but. I. must. see. this. through.
What was I thinking restarting my new fit lifestyle with a Gillian Micheal's DVD. I should have gone for a gentle walk.
Bah. I need a lie down.

I found the link to this on Pinterest. Its a banana slicer. I love a good kitchen gadet but this  has the funniest reviews ever. They really are taking the mickey. There are 250 reviews most of them are pretty funny.

I love funny people.

My current blogging pet peeve: Going to leave a comment on blogger accounts and they have word verification....which you need a PHD to decipher. Or the the "must wait till blogger approval". People please.  I need to read the published case a) I made a spelling mistake...or b) it made no sense....and finally c) sometimes I'm just nosy and want to know what everyone else said!

As you can see you when you leave me a comment (which I know you will!!!) has been made extremely easy! No word verification or waiting.

Eek "Survivor" starts up again on Sunday night. We love Survivor. Hubby has got all the Quotes down pat. 
Stuff Jeff always says...

  • Previously on... Survivor...
  • Come on in, guys!
  • First thing's first. Immunity, back up for grabs.
  • Let's get to today's reward challenge
Can't wait.

Well that will have to wrap up a days worth of random thoughts through my day.


TracyP said...

I love your blog posts, you are so funny, I always have a BIG smile after reading one of your posts!

Thanks Jacksta for making my day a bit brighter xxx

Leonie said...

Yeah what Tracy said, I always have a smile on my face after reading a blog post of yours!
and that word verification thing drives me nuts too...although I am getting A LOT of spam on my blog so might need to put it on...yikes!

Tall Pipi said...

Love it! It inspires me to get back on my own blogging buzz a bit more!

Meghan at MNM's said...

Always worth tuning in for some Jacksta B awesomeness, loving the progressive thoughts! Yep I saw the loop musician, twas very cool. And yeah about the word verification thing, I turned that off but I dind if I don't have the approval thing I get way too much spammo :-)

dearfutureme... said...

Yay, I love this post - what a cool idea! You gotta do it as a regular feature. I'm going to have a go at deleting the verification thing too - wish me spam free luck! xx

Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

This was a cool idea. I love your blogging too. You ooze fun and a happy spirit. Thanks for being you bloggy friend Jacksta xx