Saturday, October 13, 2012

blink and they're gone

"How'd the holidays go?" A colleague asked me last night. Hmmm...two weeks of holidays and blink and they are gone. At the beginning I dread two whole weeks of noise and hub bub with little space and time for myself, but then they are over.
All three kids have sported snotty noses, so perhaps they are a little run down from the school term anyway. I didn't plan anything too strenuous, just a smattering of activities with a whole lot of down time.

The first week I was husband-less which made it slightly harder than usual. He is usually in charge of putting everyone to bed while I cabbage on the couch. So I even had to do that as well as keep them entertained all day. No matter. He paid me back with  chocolate.
Holy Moly did you know that Sydney has a "Lindt Cafe". Hubby bought me back chocolates you cant get here. I-MUST-GET-MORE.
So we get these ones here. The best chocolates ever. BUT then you can get peanut butter filled ones and cookies and cream flavoured ones...and others. So good. Thanks Hubster.

he didnt get me this many....Image form here

I can't get over how much Mr Crazy Pants 2 year old loves stacking and making towers with these blocks. He has learned the colours and can name some of the shapes. Smart little monkey.

 Of course more important part of the fun is busting the tower down again. He's not called the destroyer for nothing. 

 Hubby had a day off work. With both boys occupied else where, we took the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with our first born. We did something grown up and went for a little bush walk. This track is in our city and yet I had no idea. It was a lovely walk. 

I took the older two to the movies twice. We saw Diary of a wimpy kid and Madagascar 3. Both times I smuggled in microwave bagged pop corn. Hehe. A bag each, way cheaper than the movie stuff, not sure if its healthier though.
The rest of the holidays were filled with play date, a craft session with Tracey at the Scrap Heap ,  overnight stays with Grandma, computer games, lego, free activities at the library.

What do ya know.... I guess we did do quite a lot.

I am looking forward to getting my house back on Monday...even if its only clean and tidy just for a few hours a day.


Leonie said...

Wow,that chocolate looks amazing ! Sounds like you've had a fun filled holidays...we sneak food into the movies too!

Tall Pipi said...

Yuuuu-uuum - I LOVE lindt chocolate. Now that is just teasing to tell me about all the other flavours we can't get here! Must. Go. To. Sydney. Your holidays sounded awesome. I saw Madagascar 3 but still yet to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid - was it good?

Sammy said...

Oh my gosh a Lindt cafe! That would be Ah-MAZING! I took Reuben for his first movie (at the actual movies) today and saw Madagascar, we loved it!

Jennifer said...

Hi Jackie! I've just been catching up on your blog - it's been a while. The two kiddos are keeping me plenty busy these days... So cool to read updates on your Mr. Two - it's such a fun age, isn't it? Our little Miss Two is really into blocks right now, also :o) What kind of theme did you do for his birthday party this year?
Jennifer in the USA x

Gail said...

mmmmmm. Lindt chocolate is fabulous. Looks like you all had a great school holidays!

I usually try a smuggle popcorn in too - but I love the taste of movie popcorn, so sometimes I cave!!

dearfutureme... said...

Great pics - looks like an awesome time!