Tuesday, January 24, 2012

its not you its me

so...its the new year. 
and  I have been analyzing, reevaluating and rethinking my life.
I'm waaaay past new year resolutions,  its  ridiculous. 
I have been thinking...do I really want another 2011?
Don't get me wrong, in most respects it was a great year. 
But in other aspects...a tad unfulfilled. 
Unfulfilled because I spent most of it looking a screen instead of into real peoples eyes. 
Unfulfilled because instead of waking in the morning and meeting with my creator...I log onto Facebook.
Unfulfilled because instead of being a great mother and wife, I am distracted by gadgets and social media. 
Unfulfilled because I haven't put any effort into my career, my housework or community. 
And its not you...its me. 
I like reading about you and what you are up to. 
But I do this a lot. All day in fact.
I am well and truly out of balance when I count up MY screen time.
I do it out of boredom. 
I read about your lives...inspired...excited for you...amazed by you...
But I read about you and forget to get out of the house and live my life. 
Forgive me while I go through a purging process.
I will still read about you, because you are still cool. 
but...I may be cutting down. 


TracyP said...

Good on you Jackie!!

I need to spend less time in front of the screen and more time living too, my word for the year is LIVE and I plan to do more of it!!

Widge said...

Relate to everything you said from the very first word to the last. Go you!!
Thing is when I cut Fb from my world I don't even miss it! But as soon as I taste it again it's a full on non stop feast. So weird...
My blog reading has cut down heaps! Just down to my absolute faves. Will miss ya around these parts but do what you need to do XO

Leonie said...

Oh Jackie, you have worded it perfectly!!! I can completely relate.
I need to follow suite.
You rock chick!

PipStarRose said...


PaisleyJade said...

Awesome post Jackie - we all needed to read it!!

Jennifer said...

Hi Jackie! Happy New Year to you :o)

You know how I feel about the technology topic after I finished my blog last year. I still have a small list of blogs that I enjoy following but feel much better now that I'm not investing so much time into it all. I've also been Facebook free for over 3 years now (as in, completely deleted, there is no account there to even log into) because I was too weak to find a good balance as far as the amount of time I spent on it, so it was the best thing for me to cut it out completely and I can honestly say I don't miss it. So that's my 2 cents - all the best with whatever you end up doing!

How's your little 19 month old doing (can you believe how fast they are growing up!?)

God bless ya!
Lots of love from the USA,
Jen x

Cat said...

Much love to you xxx
I hear you ::))

Tall Pipi said...

Totally hearing ya! Praying for personal and spiritual fulfillment this year. xxx

Meghan at MNM's said...

Well said Jacksta. You have said what I cannot. And yet I know I should. I've known it for ages. Now to do something about it. In His strength, not mine right?

Brigitte said...

Love your honesty, sometimes re-evaluating things is a painful process but highly necessary. Good on you for making this stand and decision to make a change, finding that balance once again. God bless you big time xx

Gail said...

Awesome post! and you are probably speaking outloud a heap of what most of us are thinking!!