Thursday, January 19, 2012

beware of the shark

Beware of the shark that lurks. 
He prays on silly woman like me who know nothing about cars. 
This silly woman may not know much about cars...but she sure knows how to read people. 
The mechanic who checked over my car...someone I don't normally go to, reckoned he can't give me a Warrant of Fittness (WoF), because I need to fix my "rear shocks".
That'll be $330 thank you ma'am.
Yeah..I think I'll have to chat to my husband about this first.
Meanwhile I decide to go and get my car checked for a warrant at my usual spot...just for a second opinion.
And hey-presto
It passed.
I may not know much about cars
But I know a trustworthy person when I see one.
Always get a second opinion folks...for your health...and your car.


Anonymous said...

I HATE when that happens! Its so infuriating knowing you're being taken advantage of.

Leonie said...

grrr!! thats so rude. good for you for going elsewhere!

TracyP said...

I failed my wof, took it into my mechanic to get fixed and he didn't think it needed fixing so took it to the vtnz (where I had got it tested) and he talked to them, and they agreed and I got my wof. I guess the guy who failed me was having a bad day or something!

Widge said...


Tall Pipi said...

Good you're so on to it Jacksta!

Neetz said...

Good on you Jackie!!I hate that too!
I took my van to a "reputable" place... and they tried to tell me... "oh your spark plugs all need changing" (as they're usually changed at so many Km's)... and they cost about thirty something dollars each... little did he know we got them replaced during a service about 3mths ago! I didn't say anything, I said "Oh no, the spark plugs are fine". he says, "Oh no they are not, you're going to have big problems if you don't change them. I let him warble on and on... and then said. "So you're telling me that these sparkplugs last less than a few months are you?" he said "no of course not, that's ridiculous".. boy did he feel like a heel when I said we'd already replaced the lot of them a few months prior... just goes to show he didnt even take them out and LOOK at them... (they look very new!!). So systematically I went through his "list of things that need doing IMMEDIATELY" and out of 7 things listed... there was only ONE that really needed attention! RIP OFFS!

Brigitte said...

I'm one of those silly women who ALWAYS get duped by mechanics and technology sales peeps. Good on you for getting the second opinion. $330 you just saved yourself so you can buy a new pair of shoes! ;)) xx

Kirsty Whitehouse said...

I never use WOF stations that are garages as well, I just don't trust them. I go to just WOF stations, they have nothing to gain out of your car failing!