Saturday, January 14, 2012

big kids day out

Dadda had Friday off so we ditched the toddler at Grandmas and headed out of town for some big kids fun. First to Albany for some minigolf and then back to Waiwera hotpools

We were all a bit hit and miss (pun intended ;) with our shots...but I was quite chuffed about this shot. Oh yeah!
This was the first time the kids had played so it was a bit frustrating trying to  teach them with other players behind us waiting their turn.

Waiwera Hotpools

 I had a little play with a photoscape feature using the continuous shooting feature on the camera. Quite cool really. This was the kids favourite spot to be.

The last few times we have been to Waiwera I have been pregnant and not allowed to go on the slides. This time different story! They have lost two of the choobs ( the belly buster...and another one), but have added the twister and the speedslide. Its been a long time since I went down the slide. That along with the extra weight I'm carrying, meant it was super scary how fast I went! Good times!A great day out!


Little Gumnut said...

ah it sounds lovely!!

PaisleyJade said...

LOVE the last pic/vid! Looks like a fun time - haven't been there in years!!

Meghan at MNM's said...

So cool - I remember you said about wanting to play mini golf after I wrote it on my summer bucket list - yay you for doing it - we still haven't yet! And that photo slideshow in the pool is cool!

Brigitte said...

oh brilliant!! What a fun day and LOVE the continuous photo feature! Cool you got to be a big kid too and join in the fun on the slides - oh I do miss that! X

Widge said...

Yay love fun packed dayside that. I've been able to go hydrosliding with the boys a few times over the last couple of years and they love it so much!

Leonie said...

love the video/pic, too cool!
looks like an awesome day out. Your little Miss has grown so tall lately!

Neetz said...

cool fun times!! woohoo!!