Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the goings on.

Well its been a stressful few weeks here unfortunately. Thankfully I have some wonderful friends who have been praying loads for me and my family and I have felt them. So thanks, you know who you are.
So I haven't exactly been getting into the "Christmas spirit". Take my annual xmas picture for example. I planned that months ago and only did it yesterday. Mr Zak zak did not want to comply for my photo. He wanted all the letters for himself. Consequently I took individual photos and then put them in a row. Don't even ask how long it took me to make the red letters stand out. I wish I had spent more time on them...so I really should have started the project weeks ago and not the week of xmas.

Anyhoo in other goings on. The kids had their end of year gymnastics show. Unfortunately I had to miss it because I had to work, but Dada took about a minutes worth of footage so at least I could see something of the night. I had already sat though the weekly practices so I at least knew the routine. Dada said he was so proud when our little Joe got a  trophy, the only one in his group. Miss Joy got a big certificate too. My kids are awesome. Just sayin.

And some body has taken a bit of skin off his nose. Another reason I should have taken my xmas photo weeks ago! Joe was undertaking some tomfoolery in the form of climbing up our very high fence. I think he's survived childhood pretty unscathed so far. First blood nose at age 5. Ah well. That'll learn him.

Last week we were all sick with the sniffles. I actually rang in sick for work. I hate ringing in sick.

I tried making something I saw on Pintrest. Hotdogs with spaghetti poked through. The kids loved it! Im not gonna lie... I ate something different for dinner. I may try it again with a different kind of sausage.

Miss Joy turned 8! I can't quite believe it actually. I wanted to keep it low key this year. So we just took a couple of her friends out for dinner at our local Gengy's. It's an all you can eat place. They bring the birthday girl out a birthday pancake and the entire restaurant sings happy birthday and then the BBQ flames are lit. Super fun for an eight year old!

She is growing up to be a pretty special young lady. Kind and sweet hearted. Love my Miss Joy to bits.

Sunday Morning was our churches annual childrens and creche presentations.
Joe and Paisley Jades daughter "letting their light shine".

In the evening service we held our annual Christmas concert. My lovely hubby did a great job as MC for the night. He enlisted the children to help him teach about Christingles. Any northern hemisphere readers heard of these?

Only a few more days until Christmas!! What!?
I may get my A into G and do some Christmas baking.

Ooh and if you are in for something funny...hubby and I saw this the other night on TV that had us in stitches. It was like he summed up our bedtime parenting to a tee. (It gets to the bedtime routine at  about 2.30 minutes.)

I did a post called "Worst case scenario mum"  and now don't feel so bad! Somebody else does it too


Leonie said...

Hey Jackie
your header looks great!
Sorry to hear you've had a rough time. Hope you are blessed immensely at Christmas.

Rachel Kate said...

You're kids ARE awesome :) just sayin...

weza said...

Funny video, yep I can relate totally. Sorry to hear you guys have been doing it tough, the picture looks very cool BTw.

PaisleyJade said...

Totally loving your Christmas pic! You have the coolest kids and love that spaghetti meal idea!

Neetz said...

Aww sorry to hear about your tough time....we've had sickness after sickness here too...and I am soooo over it! Love the post though, and your gorgeous babes..and YOU of course! You have a great Christmas my friend, it has been wonderful getting to know you better this year. Love lots xxx

CHD said...

Love your Christmas picture with the letters. Not managed to do anything myself this year. Hope you are feeling better and have a better week this week leading up to Christmas. Cx

Meghan at MNM's said...

Hey love, these are beaut pics despite the trauma of putting it together. Sorry to hear you've had a rough few weeks, it always helps knowing there are prayers are going up for you to lift the spirits hey...xxMeg

Tall Pipi said...

Hahaha I laughed out loud at that video! I'm picking up some good parenting tips!