Tuesday, December 6, 2011

schools out...argh....

I cringed at the thought of getting out of bed this morning. I wanted pull the covers up and not get out. Why? Because already the madness has begun...the first day of the school holidays. Even hubby gave me a good luck pep talk before he left for work. For the last three school terms it has just been me and Zak zak, the day  to ourselves. 

So while I was in the shower I knew I needed a plan of attack. I needed to lay some ground rules, and I needed to do it today. "Show no weakness, be in control, take no prisoners....don't negotiate with terrorists"....okay so I may be getting a tad carried away...they after all only children...right?! Some how three children + a fairly small echoie house = Me slowly going MAD. The noise just drives me spare. They are usually happy sounds...but even this irritates me. There may only be three of them...but it sounds like 20.

So we have had a pep talk and have come up with some negotiated rules and an activity chart to look at over the holidays in case somebody is bored. I tend to have a "hands off" policy to parenting. My favourite Nigel Latta line is "go and play" and usually the kids can spend hours outside entertaining themselves. So if they need some ideas we have this.

 Am I missing anything?? Or do you have any other suggestions?

School Concert:
The Kids had their end of year school concert, Miss Joy in the red played a dear. Joe sang in the choir. Hubby and I had to take turns outside with the noisy toddler...ahh the joys of having a toddler. 

Baby Shower

The other thing I wanted to show ya'll is the pretty baby shower cup cakes I made. I was going for that marbled icing effect. I really need to practice my piping skills. I must admit...they tasted devine. I'd lend you the recipe for my vanilla cupcakes but I'm not sure of exact measurements.

My chocolate cake tasted delish too... I made a massive basic mix for the cupcakes ( I was hoping my cake mixer would handle it all) and put them in first...and with the left  over mix I put cocoa and grated cooking chocolate in to make the cake. As you probably already know I hate following recipes. Some times it turns out right...this was one of those times. Yay me!

It was a fun baby shower for my Sister in Law in Auckland. Baby Showers are not really an Indian thing to do,  so it was fun introducing them all the games like; Guess the disgusting baby food, blind fold farex feeding, blind fold nappy change and guess the pregnant belly girth. I had fun playing host as well as getting to know the new baby's extended family.

I made a nappy cake too. I think they are such a cool present for baby showers.


Widge said...

Your baking looks awesome!

I made a nappy cake for my sister last year and they are so much harder than they look...Gooseman ended up finishing it!

My kids are off next wednesday. muh.
we've already had so much school time off this year with the quakes and snow I thought about campaigning for a smaller summer break ;)

Leonie said...

man you are rocking all that baby shower stuff Jacksta!!
Love the cake and cupcakes - too cute and that nappy cake is totally cool!

Can I please borrow your school holiday rules?
I was reading it nodding, nodding, nodding... we are in a tiny house and the noise thing drives me INSANE... plus we have no backyard... and a courtyard where the kids bounce balls and might as well be bouncing them on my head....
Love your plan of attack!

Penny said...

I've got a list too...although our schools don't finish until next fri. Hope it all goes well!

PaisleyJade said...

Our house feels so small when all the kids are home... and the neighbours kid over too! Love your lists - must do the same here!

Your cake turned out amazing and I love the fact that you got all the Indian ladies celebrating the Kiwi way!! xoxo

Little Gumnut said...

Love the rules and the contract to be signed! Hehee! Love those cupcakes, the footprints and the nappy cake. Your piping skills are streets ahead of mine... I still can't work out how to do that big swirly look, let alone get a nice smooth round circle!

Katie said...

Baking looks yummy and love the nappy cake. Love the idea of the school holiday rules too...not that I am anywhere near that stage yet :-)

Rachel Kate said...

Aww you did so well on the shower!! Yay. Loving your holiday rule contract too hehe :) Ella did so well in her dancing in the little movie last night xo

kendylsPlace said...

Love the list - I think I need one for myself for when I'm not working! Super cool cake, cupcakes and nappy cake - you're a total whizz!