Friday, October 7, 2011

Things I'm Loving.

 Thing I'm loving....

Loving Kiwiana....
Can you get anymore kiwi than playing with a Buzzy Bee in a silver fern tee shirt.

Loving...The classic worn out dadda and toddler shot. 

Loving...A balanced diet. 

Hummus and smoked salmon on wholemeal bread toast...with a side of Duty freeToblerone. God bless the Swiss and their chocolate making skills.

Loving....Hubby's game of Pick up sticks...dishes style. 

We don't have a dishwasher so when we have a massive pile of dishes to do my hubby likes to see how high he can stack it without it falling over. And of course the game for the "dryer" is to see if they can pick out the dishes without any falling off and breaking. Great game...NOT!


Miss Joy's latest passion is typing up her imaginative stories on Word. Love the title of this one...I honestly didn't think she knew what the word "Funky" was!

Linky in with my friend Paisely Jade.


Cat said...

What a great list of loving xxx
I did giggle at the pick up sticks dishes style - I tend to do the same much to the annoyance of my Mr B.
And the dadda and toddler shot LOL I have photos after I'VE given birth - Mr B looking worn out with the new baby - go figure!

Jennifer said...

Hi Jackie!!!
Haven't been by in a while but when I saw the photo of Zak Zak playing with his buzzy bee I just had to comment! Abbey has been LOVING her's lately as well! And when I ask her if she is playing with her buzzy bee she says 'vvvmmmm' (that's how she makes a buzzing sound!) :o) Super cute. Loving Kiwiana as well lately.
Love from the USA,
Jen xx

Widge said...

haha I do that with the dishes too..didn't realise it was an actual game though!! bonus!

PaisleyJade said...

Love the kiwiana going on - and cracking up at your delicious balanced meal!! Funky - reminds me of the 80's. haha

Hootnz said...

Cute pic of dad and babe... so sweet! Love how you described the stack of dishes! so true :)

Leonie said...

Love your wee little man walking around!!!
And that balanced diet - priceless!!
Missing you :)

Sammy said...

Now that is MY kind of balanced diet! My two most favourite things- salmon and chocolate. Utter bliss!!