Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Labour weekend

The weekend started nice and early for me with a 7am Saturday morning shift. I had a good day at work and then hurriedly  made it home to quickly get ready for a 45minute country drive to a friends 30th birthday. She is a lovely friend I did my nursing training with and we have managed to stay connected having children of similar ages. I love how we can pick up where we left off. Just a treasured friend that I don't get to see so often now the kids are at school etc. I love her extended family too! Great people.

While I'm at work hubby has made ginger NINGA bread men. Yes Ninga! He bought these funny cookie cutters on his recent trip to Aussie! And dare I say it they tasted fabulous! He meticulously followed the recipe. This would be the second thing I have ever seen him bake! EVER! Yep we have now designated him the official ninga bread baker.

Sunday morning I awoke to the smell of my favourite takeaway mochaccino. My hubby gets up early and goes for ride on his bike then picks up two mochas to takeaway and then somehow carefully rides the coffees home. Clever man.

 All day I dread that I will have to be at work for the Big game. Had I thought about when the RWC final would be theres no way I would have scheduled myself to work Sunday afternoon shift. But I made the best of it. On Sunday afternoon I stopped at the shops and picked up some chips and dip and lemonade. I arrived at work and set about inviting as many of the ward patients into the day room as possible. A few opted to stay in bed and listen on radio, or had TVs in their room. I worked hard to get all my work done before 9pm...kick off. 
I managed to watch most of it. Between me and my colleagues taking turns to check buzzers etc. We had a room full, all cheering the boys on. And it was great! I would have loved to have been home enjoying the game, but I will always remember where I was the day the AB's made history. At work!

And what a game!

Monday Morning. It was my turn for a ride on my bike. It was my first ride since April 9th! I managed to only get part way down the road before my bike chain fell off. Not knowing what to do about it I walked it home for Les to fix. Oops better figure out how to fix it myself! It was a flat 5km ride and my legs hurt today! I'm aiming for 17km for the triathlon in February. Arrrgggghhhh! What was I thinking signing up to that!
Hubby was on a roll with his cooking and made me some French toast. An appropriate breakfast I thought! And they tasted delicious too. I think I may have to let him in my kitchen more often!
Off to work again for an afternoon shift. Home at midnight.

What a weekend. I'm pooped! Lucky its back to school day!


PaisleyJade said...

You totally inspire me with your triathlons! Love the ninja bread men. My guys is pretty good in the kitchen too when I actually let him in there! xoxo

Rachel Kate said...

Loved the sound of your weekend and that you actually got to see the game :)

Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

Those bikkies are adorable. Awesome stuff.

Yay for fab hubbies. Great weekend Jacksta!!

Cat said...

Love that your hubby bakes :)
Love that your hubby buys take out coffee for you :)
Love friendships where you can pick up where you left off :)
LOVED winning the Rugby World Cup

Meghan at MNM's said...

Wow - full-ON weekend! Loving those ninga bread and a hubby that goes out of his way for coffee!

Widge said...

those ninjas look so cool!! love how he decorated them :)
and yep with pj, totally inspired by your fitness awesomeness