Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From bad to worse

Today I woke up determined to get out for an early morning walk. Except 6:30am and the window of opportunity went and passed as I enjoyed dreamland. So I decided I would walk the kids to school instead. I went to pull out my push chair from the boot and felt a rip in my back. It was; try not to cry in front of the kids sore. Different from my usual nurses back. Hurts to breathe sore. Scrap that idea. I pop the kids in the car for drop offs.  I came home, popped some painkillers and lay still on the couch while bubba had a nap. Pain killers kick in...not so bad now.
later in the morning...
I decided yesterday that I would try and give Mainly Music ago again. Its been a while so ring and confirm that its still on today and the correct time. I wake bubba up early from his nap so we can walk there instead...I'm still in my track pants! I get to the church only to find a big absence in the usual people mover crowd. Where is everybody today? Apparently this week and last week its been changed to Monday. Great!? Maybe someone should let reception know. I turn to head home and it starts to rain. GREAT! Lucky I have the rain cover for the pushchair...meanwhile I'm cold and wet. I'm trying not to be angry...So I sing at the top of my voice.

Plans have changed for the day...what to do. I feel some baking mojo coming on. I peruse through some blogs for inspiration. Delissimon has a Lemon and Polenta cake I have been meaning to try. I bought some polenta especially for it. She says it needs fine polenta...I only have course polenta. Hmmm I decide to try and make it with the course stuff. Ive never worked with polenta before so I experiment. I also don't even have any lemons...the experiment continues with oranges instead. And its not even a cake...cupcakes...does the experiment end? This is the result...

Yip they are a disaster. The polenta is still crunchy. Maybe they need some more cooking. I need to disguise them anyway so I add a coconut meringue top...and put them back into the oven to brown.    

End result... still crunchy but a slight improvement.

I decide to make some cookies after that. Another experimental recipe, Chocolate, weetbix and coconut cookies. Finally some experimenting that pays off. Lovely chewy biscuit. 

Moral of the story today.
1) ALWAYS bend to your knees when you lift

2) ALWAYS follow Delisimons recipes to a tee.

3) Sometimes experimental cooking works out...sometimes its just a waste of eggs! I like this quote "I have not failed.  I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.  ~Thomas Edison"

4) SING when you are angry..."....yet I will praise Him". Ps 42:5

Hope you are having a great day.xx


Leonie said...

Oh Jackie, what a day!!!
I really hope your back is okay, back pain has to be one of the worse things.
Yay for your singing!
Lots of love xx

Mon said...

Oh hon!!! Days like that are plain sucky! You are amazing...I would have just laid on the couch nursing a pity party, you however are just great!!!
Hope your back gets better soon too.
xxlotsa love

Widge said...

yip you're awesome.
pat on the back (very gently)

Gail said...

You are a legend! I would have given up at the sore back! Take it easy hon - love the experimenting though! Go you!

Rachel Kate said...

Hope you're feeling better! :) those cookies look delish xo

Meghan at MNM's said...

Crikey that's some day - I think I would have just thrown my toys and cried at one of the various trigger points along the way. Love your positivity and hope that back is better soon xx

Sima J said...

sheesh .. here's hoping today is better for you!!

kendylsPlace said...

Yikes, what a day! Good on you for singing through it, and YUM cookies!

Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

Singing is great isn't it!!!! xxx Take care