Monday, September 5, 2011

ButterScotch Baked Cheesecake

A few weeks ago I posted about having my bloggy friends over and the delicious cheese cake I  tried out on them. And a few of you were keen for the recipe...except I don't generally follow recipes. So I had to try another one and actually measure the ingredients for you all!
I'm such an experimental cook. I keep encouraging my friends to biff out their recipe books and try it. Its quite liberating! Maybe you could try some experimenting?
If you like cheese cake, I have figured these are the basic ingredients you need for a basic cheesecake. And then the world is your oyster when it comes to adding flavours you like.

Base: 1 X packet Plain biscuits. Digestives work well, but any plain biscuits. Pulse them in a food processor until resembles fine bread crumbs. Add 150grams butter (melted). Mix until combined and then press into a spring form tin. Place in to fridge while you prepare the cream mixture.

I'm not sure where I learnt this tip but its a good one.  Line the spring form tin base with grease proof oven paper. And then clip the outer ring over the top. When the cheesecake is cooked and chilled down undo the outer ring and then the base slides right off onto the serving platter.

For a little fun try making little mini ones for mini tummies or for  finger food.

Cream mixture: 3X 250g tubs of cream cheese, 1 cup castor sugar, 3 eggs, 150mls of cream, 1/2 C flour, 150g sour cream.
Ensure cream cheese is at room temperature, it can be microwaved for 30 seconds or until room temp. Cream the sugar and cream cheese together until well combined in a food processor or cake mixer . Add eggs one at a time mixing well after each one. Add the cream, sour cream and flour and mix well until there are no lumps.

Now you can have fun with flavours. Try different liqueurs, Baileys for example. Add a shot of espresso for a cappuccino flavoured or some melted dark or white chocolate. Add lemon juice, or pureed fruit. Or berries on top. Seriously!? Have a little fun experimenting. My motto wrong could it possibly get as long as it has all those yummy ingredients. And if it really doesn't work just learnt one way NOT to do it!

So back to the Butterscotch Baked Cheesecake. I added 1/2 cup of Preznels Butterscotch cream liquor to the cream mixture. Pour that over the chilled crumb base. Place into a preheated oven set at 150 degrees Celsius.Cook on bake for 30-40 minutes. It should still have a little "wobble".  Then turn the oven off and let it cool down in the oven. When completely cooled place into the fridge overnight.

To finish it off I topped it with a butterscotch sauce. A good description of the sauce recipe can be found here. And because I like to experiment! I added a little more Preznels Butterscotch cream the sauce while it was cooking too!  Tasted Fab.

Are you an experimenter in the kitchen?


PaisleyJade said...

Oh yum!! Can't wait to try it. I am not experimental at all, but need to try to be more often.

p.s. I remember showing you that tip! I stole it from someone on tv ;)

weza said...

I have never made cheese cake. EVER. It is just a little scary for me. Until recently I was a 'follow the recipe exactly girl' but with the changes in my diet I have had to become a little more experimental. Its kind of liberating.

Lisa said...

yummm I want some :)

kendylsPlace said...

Oh my delectable! Super yummo!!

Katie said...

Wow - sounds DELICIOUS! I am pinning it right now :-)

Meghan at MNM's said...

Thanks for the recipe as I am definitely a recipe follower ....sorry!...I am truly grateful for the lesson and pics! :-)

Sima J said...

WOW that looks Soooo super yum!! I am usually a follow-the-recipe-the-first-time person and then I adjust it for previous times to make it better :-)
Think I'll have to follow your recipe the first time since I don't recall ever making a cheesecake yet!