Thursday, September 15, 2011

ol Blue Eyes

I love blue eyes and I was not aware of where this obsession came from until today! I was reading this blog post where the blogger mentioned Amy Carmichael...and that name seemed so familiar. So I googled it. And sure enough it was the "AMY Story" I remember from Sunday school.

When I was a little girl I went to a Sunday school where my teacher read me a story about a little girl called Amy who grew up to be a missionary. When Amy was a little girl in the late 1800's she would pray that God would change her brown eyes to blue, and she would go to look at her eyes in the morning and they were still brown. She would be very disappointed that God hadn't answered her prayer.
Later in life she decided she would become a missionary. God lead her to India where she worked with children who were forced into prostitution. At times she would go incognito dressing in Indian dress and colouring her white skin with coffee so that no one would suspect who she was in order to save children. And if she had BLUE eyes then her cover would have been blown. She came to appreciate that she had brown eyes for a reason.
After hearing this story I have always observed and appreciated people with blue eyes...and also cats...or any other species. However, I always took this story to heart never myself wanting blue eyes and knowing instead that God had created me just the way I needed to be. A great lesson for a 7 year old to hear and believe.
I did however think it would be great to have blue eyed children! In 4th Form (Year 10) Science class  I first learned about genetics. I worked out the genetic possibility using the punnet square, like one of these....yes obsessed much

from here

 ...As you can see, in this example, I put your brown eyes on top (Bb) and your husband's blue eyes (bb) on the side. Remember, you and your husband only contribute one version of gene 1 each. You can give either a B or a b to your kids, not both. The Punnett square gives you all four possibilities of you and your husband's combinations.


So obviously I needed to find a blue eyed Husband first! I wanted to look into his beautiful blue eyes too!

Fast forward to baby making time...Miss Joy...born dark black hair and dark brown eyes. The most beautiful baby I had ever seen. Ah well, I thought to myself..I don't have the genes...but I sure do make great babies! So I forgot about it, until Joe came along. He was white as, with blue eyes and not an Indian gene in him. Ohh I wonder what number three will turn out to be, blue or brown? I was sure it would be brown. But no..another blue. Dadda is stoked that his genes "kicked ass". So now I have a lovely blue eyed hubby, an almost clone of myself in Miss Joy with the brown hair brown eyes and two lovely blue eyed white boys. And I love them all! All masterpieces of the Creator himself.
I love this photo. Miss Joy weeks old.

Joe with Dadda 8 months old

Now a days since I am more mature, I just love looking at every ones eyes. I've noticed other people love dimples or hair, but I love eyes. Everyone has different shades and they can change as kids get older. Eyes can tell how someone is feeling, what horrors they have seen, and what triumphs they have celebrated.
It is written somewhere, "the eyes are the windows to your soul".

Do you have any little human body part obsessions?


Leonie said...

beautiful Jackie, you have beautiful eyes too!!

And your children are totally gorgeous, like you said, God made them perfect.

I think I like eyes too.... We are a family of blue eyes.... but all different shades.

Meghan at MNM's said...

Yep I am fascinated by this. Pretty much my entire family has blue eyes and so it's what I'm used to. So it was a surprise (in a nice way) to me to end up with two brown eyed boys.

I find myself just staring into their lovely dark brown depths and thinking how did I get so lucky?

Happy painter said...

Well a note from Grandma B. I was born into a family of brown eyes Mother Father and two sisters, Then along came this much fairer of skin blonder of hair curls instead of straight hair and yes very Blue eyes.Oh that's me:) What attention it drew and jests to my mother about THE MILKMAN ect.I married a green eyed man but it must have been my genes to kick ass cause now we have Daughter Blue eyed and Les Dadda of the afore mentioned Blue eye. The body part I admire in people is fine small hands:) My mother had them but alas not my father and oh dear it was his hand genes to kick ass for my hands, Lots smaller but oh so dumpty!! The mumma of the children in this blog Jacksta has beautiful hands and it was sure her genes to kick ass for our most beautiful Miss Ella Joy.Hands and ALL:):)

Sima J said...

That part in science always intrigued me too! I LOVE blue eyes too! My boys seem to start out with blue eyes but they morph into greener as they get older :-( People seem to like green eyes though?!

kendylsPlace said...

Cool as post, and what gorgeous eyes all of you have! Eyes are quite amazing things, aren't they?! Me and hubsy both have blue eyes, so does that mean we'll definitely have blue eyed babies?!

PaisleyJade said...

Love this post - and as you know I always wanted brown eyes!!

Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

Teeth. My hubby has lovely straight teeth and I love them. So funny, but true. I wanted brown eyes, I thought they might be sexier LOL. But hubby loves my blue eyes, so they must be winners. Interesting topic actually. x

Gail said...

I was totally surprised when we ended up with a blue-eyed boy. But genes will do their thing!!

Penny said...

Love this post!
And I love brown eyes by the way. Even though I have blue eyes.
Love the richness of brown eyes...and now have one hazel eyed boy and one dark brown eyed boy.
P.s. Your kids are gorgeous!