Sunday, January 13, 2013


pondering deep and meaningful content.
  • That's right people, its time for a bullet point blog post. The kinda post where random thoughts that are inside my brain synapses are blurted out. 
  • I haven't made any New Years resolutions. I was trying this thing where I would go for a walk everyday of January. I lastrd until day 5. Sad. My only resolution is to never work New Years ever again. 
  • One thing I may do this year is send a little letter to the drug company who makes the Iron tablet. It would read:
Dear pharmacologist person. 

I am writing to you because I am supposed to take these Iron tablets that you created. But there is one tiny problem. They cause constipation. And its not just me. Every poor woman who try's it get bunged up and full of crap. Come on, its 2013. Surely you could work on it a little more. 
Your sincerely   
Jacksta BLOGS.

  • Meghan from M&Ms always beats me when we play Word with friends.
  • I went to the movies the other night. Alone. Yep that's right alone. I really wanted to see Les Miserable on opening night. It is my Father in Laws favourite Musical, and I wanted to see what the fuss was about. I texted all my other potential spontaneous friends, all were busy. Hubby didnt want to see such a late one on a school night. So I went by. my. self. Am I secure enough to hang out by myself at the movies. Hmmm. May be not. Awkward. But the thing I like about seeing a random movie like that is you can feel what you want about it with out being swayed by what the friend thought about know when you see something you loved and they're like...that was lame. Downer. Another person had seen it and said they forgot their tissues, and I HATE crying in front of that was a good reason to go myself. 
  • I didn't cry. Yep this always happens to me. Someone says they saw a movie and they cried...I watch said movie and don't feel a thing  and feel like my heart is made of stone. Maybe I intentionally go prepared NOT to cry. I don't know. 
  • I did like the movie though. I read up on some random facts about it. Like,  they sang the words on the set like normal dialogue with an ear piece with a piano playing, instead of acting and lip-syncing to the music. Made it really realistic.  
image here
  • Not long until school starts up again. I'm trying to get in lots of catch ups before the holidays end and everyone gets back into school/work/ busy with life mode. 
  • We had a break-through with Little Zak zak last week. He has been going to "Playschool" a couple of mornings a week. And usually I have to physically pass him on to one of the teachers. But after heading back there after the holidays, he has been happily settling in on his own, even telling me to go away the first day back. I've heard of this happening with other mums...but none of my other children have ever said this to me before! I left rather shocked and bewildered. 
  • Joe has been pondering about heaven lately. He decided he would like to die and go there now because it sounds so awesome. Hmm. Awkward. I do remember having the exact same conversation with Miss Joy when she a was a similar age.  I love this shot he took of him self on my Ipod. He looks rather heavenly already. Its no secret that I love blue eyed boys. I now have three of my own. (Hubby and two boys).

  • The kids were lucky to spend and entire week at a holiday house with a back yard pool. Miss Joy spent a lot of the day in there, and seriously browned up despite lathering herself in sunscreen. I marvel at how lovely she is growing. It seems like she has grown a foot just in these holidays alone. I am starting to realize we are soon going to be faced with a tween in the house soon. I. cant. wait.  ♥ 

  • My favourite internet meme at the moment. Grumpy cat. Mashed with the Ermahgerd chick. Gold!


Gail said...

As always, I love random ponderings.
I cried buckets during Les Miserable. Thought it was brilliant... but I'm like you in that if I hear that it's a crier-movie, I tend not to cry. I wasn't prepared for a lot of the emotion that came up in that movie - so much more than the stage shows.

I plan a few go-alone movies this year.xx

Meghan at MNM's said...

I can't WAIT to see Les Mis...might be waiting a while though.

I'm sure the win rate is nearer 50/50 than you think!!

Leonie said...

I am going to see Les Mis this week, can't wait!
And I totally agree on the IRON tabs!!! Sign my name at the bottom (no pun intended) too!

Aru said...

Man its going to be intersting when lil' Bella hits 12. By then she will be so smart and talented that she may make us look silly. Zak however, I am hoping never grows up and stays the same age for the next couple of years.

Betty May said...

Hahaha! Germper kert!!
I always go to the movies on my own - cant wait to see Les Mis! Gimme a text you need a spontaneous friend!

PaisleyJade said...

Love your bullet point lists and feeling so stink about the movie! Still cant even pronounce it! One day we'll make one together! ;)

TracyP said...

Joe does look heavenly in that pic!
I have never been brave enough to go to the movies by myself, maybe I should try one day.

dearfutureme... said...

Love these random musings posts! Gotta see Les Mis!

runnergirl said...

Hehe - cool Jackie - love this post. So fun. Am contemplating Les Mis... I have seen the stage production already in London, so wondering if i should go see the movie or wait for DVD...Nice to hear your thoughts though :)