Thursday, June 7, 2012

Well hello! I'm back...

Well hello! I'm back from my social media break. I lasted 28 days! I was aiming for a if it was the month of February then I would have been all set. It was 3 weeks longer than my little brother predicted...his prediction was 4.5 days...haha in your face Davo!
He kinda has a point though. I'm not really one to stick at anything much. Once a long time a go, early in our marriage we thought we would not watch TV for a while. We put that heavy box of a TV in the spare bedroom to help alleviate the temptation, except that when Les was at work some evenings I would lug it it...and then lug it back. He thought it was funny when I told him what I had been doing.
I'm terrible at sticking to diets and fitness lasting a whole month with social media was a big deal for me.
I have been an avid Facebooker since 2009...okay an addicted Facebooker. And I have been blogging for a couple of years. But I knew I needed a break. Remember this post. I was starting to actually think in status updates and blog posts. Not good. I could feel my brain matter disintegrating behind my eyes.

Well rather than deactivating my account I thought a complete month off might do the trick. I would get around to doing all those things I had been putting off,  pay more attention to the kids, pray and read more of my bible, have a spotless house, start a new hobby or get fit and healthy.  Yep...Nah. Turns out if you are a true procrastinator, you will just find other ways to procrastinate.

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I decided I wasn't going to take photos...or even think about doing a blog post for a whole month. I just wanted to BE. So this post is not going to be a post of all the things I did in the month May. I just lived, and had a good time doing it. The end.

But I did spend time reflecting on how much of my life I spend online...and how things have changed.Was this really the way I wanted to live my life? Social media has its pros and cons...but overwhelmingly it is more of a positive than a negative. At this particular time in my mostly mummy and part time working, for me, it serves as a way to connect with people. The negative is when this is the only way to connect. And so the word "balance" comes to mind. So I am seeking a more balanced approach to blogging and Facebook. Do I really have to comment on every blog or status update? NO. Do I really need to update my FB status every day? NO. And I will try and browse while the kids are in bed instead of ignoring them....and maybe after I have done the house work. Yeah....I don't think that one will happen.

So...if you are addicted to social media...I highly recommend taking break

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TracyP said...

Awesome post Jacksta! And way to go going for 28 days!! That's about 27 days more than I could do I think!! My problem is I have no other adult to vent or talk about the little things with but a whole heaps of friends online so I go there. Possibly need to get more balance but hopefully once I open the shop that progression will happen naturally, interacting with "real" people on a daily basis will help for sure!!
You totally inspire me xxx

Gail said...

She's back and she's ON FIRE! BANG!

runnergirl said...

Good work but happy to have you back :)

Katie said...

Good to see you back. Maybe I should think about a break sometime - really not sure I could manage a month though - I'm thinking more of a week!

PaisleyJade said...

Haha - I did get a wee bit confused when you said your break was over and it still wasn't quite the end of the month!! Glad I got to see you in real life... and very glad to hear you have a new coffee machine (thanks to your fb update!!) haha

Meghan at MNM's said...

An admirable effort! I have been contemplating having a wee break in july, not a total break as I want to keep up Things Im Loving but you've inspired me anyway.