Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

Yep. Thats right Im bringing it back. I did a few "T-Ts" when I first started blogging, but some how lost them along the way.

So here's a funny story.
Yesterday I was having a monumental crappy day. It started off crappy...and then just continued to be crappy. Whenever I'm having a crappy day I put on my music and then promptly proceed to the "Humour" section of Pintrest. I know you you  bloggers out there are in to craft and photography section...But my top two categories are Humour and Food. That about sums me up really!

Anyhoo. I had promise a lovely friend that I would bring her around a dinner. Except I had been feeling all sorry for myself and couldn't muster up any inspiration so I decided I would shout her out for nice meal instead. It was as much a nice treat for her as it was for me. I desperately needed to get out of the house and have some time out.  I made the rest of the family dinner and then headed out to pick her up.

We arrived at the lovely restaurant and had a delicious dinner. ( I had the duck again...So good!). We decided we were too full for dessert and opted for a hot drink instead. When the hostess brought our drinks she started to set up some more cutlery. "Hold on...theres a story behind it..." She brings us out a Vanilla Cream Brulee to share. "We've had a call from someone to say they are paying for your meal...and he said to say- make sure they have the brulee if they haven't ordered dessert."
What?! We were flabbergasted. There were only a couple of people who knew we were coming out as it was a very last minute decision. We figured out it was a guy from church who I hardly knew...but decided to bless both of us! We had a great laugh about it. It was such a blessing of a night as we talked for hours...needing to be moved on because we were the last ones there.

image here

So this Thankful Thursday I'm thankful for:
-The Humour section of Pintrest.
-Lovely church family who bless me.
-And an awesome God who knows when you need a pick me up from a crappy day.


Neetz said...

Aww that's awesome Jackie :) What a fantastic blessing....when YOU were going to be the one doing the blessing ... YOU were blessed too! That rocks!! :)

I hate crappy days...and already this year have had more than enough of them thank you very much!! :).

See ya xxx

Curious Runner said...

Wow! Your story cheered my day. What a blessing, that is so lovely! You got blessed for your offer to bless someone else. God is sooo good! Thanks for sharing Jackie, I majorly LOVE this story! Best post ever!

PaisleyJade said...

So awesome... and I love the bit you didn't mention as well ;D

Leonie said...

wow, what an amazing blessing!!!!
Hope today is a FAB day today.

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Awesome story...and what a turnaround in your day!

Johnny said...

Oh I love those moments. God really knows when we need to be uplifted hey? Great story!

Mika said...

Wow, I'm loving that wonderful act of service...(you serving your friend by taking her out to dinner, and the lovely guy who shouted you dinner & dessert) those special angels we have around us!

Anonymous said...

What an AMAZING story! How awesome of both you and your wonderful church friend to have such giving hearts :)

Gail said...

So awesome. I love that - and I loved your initial idea of taking her out for dinner. You're a blessing and you were blessed. Fabulous!

Simoney said...