Wednesday, November 16, 2011

R is for Random.

So today's blog is brought to you by the letter R. R for Random. My thoughts are scattered and random today, but I feel like blogging.

  • I am off to the Opera tonight. I am an opera virgin. Hmmm we shall see how we go. A friend is in the chorus, so its probably more about supporting her than anything else. I am looking forward to getting dolled up and looking pretty with my two friends. We are seeing  Die Fledermaus and I have Wikipedia'd it and am at least up to date about what the heck its all about. I have promised my friend that I won't walk out no matter how painful to my ears.
  • You see my ears have been getting a real battering lately. Zak-zak is back to his high pitch screaming. Like super high frequency.  We had this faze a while ago, I tried to control it by giving him a little poke in the cheek. It doesn't seem to be working. Between him and child number twos loud crying faze...I am sure I will be deaf before I'm forty.
  • This is my first kid to have Tanties. Like actual drop on the floor tanties.  I just cannot believe it. I don't feel like I'm doing anything different as a parent from the first two so I am in need of some strategies for this one. Its really wearing me down.
  • I bought Bear Grylls's autobiography "Mud, sweat and tears". I have no idea what compelled me to buy this while I was walking past it at the Warehouse. I have never watched an entire episode of Man vs Wild. I was always skeptical. I kinda figured it was all rigged and there was probably a massive RV with a comfy bed and real food just waiting for him until filming finished. I guess I prejudged. I do that a lot.
  • Any hoo the book is amazing. I haven't read such a riveting book. What an inspirational dude. I can recommend this book for husbands who love adventure or are in desperate need of it. It would make a great Christmas present. Its well designed for the man reader and for mums with toddlers. Each chapter is only 2 pages long! I did however feel like I couldn't put it down. Its the fasted book I've read.
  • So today Im on a good book come down. Is that even a thing? Where you are so engrossed in a book, that once its over you are slightly sad? Maybe I just need to find another one. I'm all about the biographies at the mo. I like reading about real people doing extraordinary things.
  • Christmas is coming and I need some creative inspiration. I have lost my Mojo. I was thinking of doing a Christmas with the Kranks deal. At least I have already sorted the kids pressies. They are the easy ones.
  • Did I mention that I'm supposed to be training for another triwoman event. I still haven't even been in the water and practiced a swim. I can barely run 1km. But I'm feeling a bit more confident on my bike. I went for a Bike ride on Sunday. i did 9km in 33 minutes. I have two more months to double that in way less time. I am so scared of falling off my bike that I ride slow.
  • I have been thinking about my last post and how morbid I am. I think about death way too much. I guess its what I am faced with as a nurse. At my work place people are constantly dying or are sick and may die imminently at anytime. In my early days as a nurse I was so afraid of death that I would pray..."God don't let any of my patients die today". I went years...literally years without ever having to face it. Now I make sure that patients are given the dignity in death that they deserve. Supporting family is also a big part of it too. 
  • Speaking of death, I read Heaven is for real a couple of weeks ago. Meghan had it up for a giveaway a few months ago...I didn't win so I bought it myself. What an amazing book. Now I'm really looking forward to seeing Jesus when I die. But I've got way to much to do before then!

  • And finally... we have birds nesting under the roof right behind the TV in the living room. Its is driving me nuts.  They are so loud, I just wanna get a ladder and rip them outta there. Its too cruel though...or is it?

Hope ya'll are having a great week. :)


Rachel Kate said...

Even in your 'morbidness' you still find a way to make me laugh :) don't have any tips for the tanties but I'm sure there will be heaps of others who can offer help! Hope it gets better for you real fast and he grows out of it. Enjoy the opera xo

Meghan at MNM's said...

Love love love your Random post. My hubby LOVES Bear Grylls - you have just given me a FAB idea for a Christmas present now...thanks!

Also...we have about four different starling nests in our roof space, we seem to collect an extra family each year, the constant chirping also drives me SPARE for about 2 months from now through to Christmas when they fly the coop. Given our very high angled roof there is ZILCH chance of ever getting near the nests to do anything about it....short of becoming a high-wire walker or developing the ability to levitate....gah!

Glad you liked the book xx

Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

My third is a tanty thrower. The others weren't. Must be the need to get attention around more siblings?
Love oyu random post. Have fun tonight, it'll be cool xx

PaisleyJade said...

Love this post - and I did read that Bear Grylls did often go and sleep in a motel while filming!?! I've had two tantrum throwers and I either used distraction or ignoring to cope. Not fun though, especially in a crowded place!!

The South African Kiwis said...

I have a friend who would throw himself on the floor with his daughters... Wish I had seen it in public - in fact I would have paid money to see it! Apparently though his little girls were so embarrassed they quit the tantrum thing. Could be worth a try. The looks on passersby's faces would be worth it!

As for the birds, there is a nest just in the roof near my bed. I dream of climbing into the roof and ripping it out.

Widge said...

My third is my tanty thrower too. I had braced myself for the worst when I had my first because apparently I was horrendous as a child. I
Used to hold my breath and throw myself around and go completely crazy!! Thankfully none of mine have been that bad, but my 3rd and more recently no. 4 give it a good go. Like pj I usually try to ignore it, or put them in their room and leave them to it. I did have a revaluation about this just the other day though. No.3 only really goes to town when she feels justice on her part has not been met. Usually this involves me trying to hurry her along or her missing out on something she believes she's been promised. It's taken over 6 years but I'm finally more aware of what might be going on in her head when she has a meltdown.

Widge said...

I've also come to realise this could be a really important strength in her personality. I may be proud of her passion to fight for justice one day do trying my hardest now to manage it not squash it :)

PipStarRose said...

haha great post! I too have had to tantrum kiddies (helped I just tought it was normal at certain ages!) Ah, so exhusting! :( Yeah ignoring, but that's hard at times! I justkept putting my 2 yr old in his room with a 'lock' (shhh that sounds terrible) but only thing that worked and we both got time to calm down without fighting over door handles. I have heard that book great, i think my mum has bought it for my huby. And THE BIRDS!!!! SAME!!! We got no sleep lat night, stupid babies. At first I thought it was cute but now I hate them...we just put up wire in the corners. Sorry birdies! :(

Leonie said...

wow, what a post Jackie!
Hope you enjoy the opera
that Bear book looks good, I too have book loving comedowns...
tanties - Id throw myself down and have one too, see what he thinks :)
And read the Heaven book a few months ago - loved it. Awesome book.

kendylsPlace said...

Hehe I loved this random thoughts post - they're my favourite kind to read! Im sorry you've got a tantrum thrower - that must be super hard! Great idea for a pressie for christmas for the hubby too - Bear Grylls fan! (And it sounds like I may have to borrow it when he's done!) I totally feel ya on the book comedown - I had one after 'The Help'. I actually missed the characters. Ridiculous.