Friday, November 18, 2011

Operas and Echos

Heff and I

Kate and I

So as mentioned in my last post...I was off to the opera that night to support a friend who was in the chorus. Me and a couple of my girlfriends got dolled up in our prettiest dresses. What did I think of the opera? Well it was better than I expected. I was expecting constant soprano singing in a different language. But it was in ENGLISH and it had a few lines! And it was an Opera comedy even! I must admit it was a little hard to contain the giggles when the first verse was belted out by the first character, the maid. It was just such a sudden assault to the ears. It was more a nervous giggle I think. Any hoo. I can pop that on the list of things I've done in my life time. I think the next cultured thing I would like to try is attend a ballet. Have you ever been to one of those before? The NutCraker is playing in December at our local. Hehe "Nutcracker"... I always think of the men dancers in their tights...Somehow I don't think that's why its called that.

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Yesterday I took Zak zak for his follow up ECHO appointment for his heart murmur. I was advised to have him be nil by mouth for 4 hours before hand because he would be sedated. I hate watching the kids be sedated and all dopey. I've only seen one other of my kids have it, but it had to be done. Or did it? I got there and they wanted to just give ago without the sedation. He had already been a monkey, and was petrified of being weighed or having his height done. So by the time we down to the radiology department, he wasn't even having a bar of sitting on the bed. Fortunately Hubby was in the department working and was able to lend his hand. In the end we just had to hold him down for the minute while the heart was quickly checked. Its times like these Im greatful to have trained as a nurse. The nurse*get the job done* in me completely overrides the *oh no! my kid is crying* mummy feeling. Or maybe I'm just heartless. Any ways we got the job done while he screamed the department down. The results show just a teeny little hole that is healing nicely. Thank you Lord!

What are you like with medical procedures when it comes to your kids?


Widge said...

Even though Im not a nurse, I'm so the same way. I used to lay my eldest on the floor and straddle my boy with his arms tucked under my legs while I had to give him his inhalers as a wee-un. Same goes when they're immunised, I hold them tight and still no nonsense approach. It's not really heartless cos we are doing it for their best, huh? ;)
So cool he's on the mend!!
Haha about the nutcracker ! Saw it as a kid and enjoyed it

PaisleyJade said...

So love that you went to the Opera!! Haha about Ballet! I've been to one before and it was not a pretty sight!!

So happy about Zak Zak's heart. I always cry when my kids get sedated, but always know it's worth it in the end. When it comes to injections and taking inhalers, I don't get tearful at all... just like Widge I want to get the job over with.

p.s. you are looking awesome in yoru dress!

kendylsPlace said...

I went to the ballet once and I don't know why but I was surprised there were no words! I felt annoyed I hadn't read up on my Peter Pan because I didn't know what was happening half the time and it was hard not to be distracted a little by the 'nutcracker' aspect of the show. It was a good experience all in all though! You gotta go! So pleased bubby's echo went well - lucky him having two nurse parents!

Arna said...

nah, I'm totally the same when it comes to medical procedures.... just get it over and done with.

Mind you, think I am vastly improved from seeing Aiden have so much done to him!

Meghan at MNM's said...

I'm an opera and ballet's definitely something I want to do in my life - yay you for giving it a go...

And yay for your little guy's heart too..the short term pain (of a deafened ear!) is definitely worth it to be able to get it done and get the good news after!

Penny said...

I'm like Meg, haven't been but would like to. Just to say I have.

Glad your little man's heart is healing. yay!