Thursday, July 7, 2011

yummy goings on.

Oh my Goodness Cup Cakes.
I was in the mood for some cup cakes and thought I would have a look through Delissimons blog for the perfect one...because you know shes a baking goddess right?! And I came across her Best Fudge Cake recipe. It had an interesting range of ingredients...which excluded eggs and dairy and had white wine vinegar. I love trying out a new recipe so I gave it ago. And OMG(oodness) they are delish all right. The texture was uniquely different, and the best part was it was a throw it all in the bowl and mix kinda recipe. Just my kind. I HATE creaming butter and sugar. Ive hated it ever since Miss Bolus (my form 1 Home Economics teacher) made us do it by hand! Any hoo, they came out yummy as. I topped it with a peanut butter cream icing. Yes I'm still on my Reece's peanut butter cup craze. Try it out and have a look at Mons other recipes.
Cheesy surprise meatballs.

I can't remember where I learnt this idea but it has a great way of making the meatballs fun. Add a square of cheese in the middle of your meatball and roll in to a ball. Bake meatball until just cooked. Throw them in with your favourite tomato sauce recipe over a bed of spaghetti pasta. Viola. Dinner is served.

Griffins Collisions
Have you tried any of these from Griffins? I may or may not have bought one of each just to try them all..*ahem*. Well they were on special! Our (mine and Hubsters) conclusion was that the Mint treat cross with the Mallow puff was the best. The other ones all the just seem to blend into the same biscuit. I like how the chocolate mint treat has that solid base of chocolate biscuit and they do it in this biscuit too. That along with the mint flavoured marshmallow....Marriage made in heaven. Yummo.


PaisleyJade said...

Oh yum - must try those cupcakes (I too hate creaming) and wow, why did I never think of hiding cheese chunks in the meatballs! Haven't dared try the Collisions biscuits yet - very tempted though!

Rachel Kate said...

everything looks delish!!! now you've made me hungry hehe

Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

Those meatballs are ingenious!!! Thanks for the inspiration. My kids are in for a surprise!! :-)

kendylsPlace said...

Oh those biscuits look amazing! And those are two of my faves (especially the mint!) YUM! And awesome looking cupcakes and meatballs!

Mon said...

I'm totally loving those Collisions biscuits. Mint treat and Mallowpuff is my particular weakness.
P.S Great to see the recipe in use! xx