Wednesday, July 20, 2011

childs play

Hi Bloggy friends! Hope you are all doing great. Its holidays here in NZ. I love not having to be anywhere, drop offs and pick ups etc...but I find all day with three kids very very long! Any hoo time for a post NOT about cake!
The other day I couldn't believe how long Zak-zak was
occupied with this broom. He spent a good half an hour with it. I have tons of preschool age appropriate toys...and do you think he's interested? Nope. Opening and closing doors, unraveling toilet paper, opening and closing draws, pulling books off the bookshelf...these are the things my one year old occupies his time with.

Oh and he has started walking. Yipee! (*insert sarcastic face here*) Getting better at it with each day. Along with this has come the climbing...and the falling. We have had a few bumps to the head. He just has not figured out "backwards". You've gotta keep your eyes peeled at this age. The moment the back door is open, he heads out the back steps and doesn't look back. Man I hope I don't have one of those moments where the neighbour finds him up the road. It hasn't happened with the other kids and I pray it never does!

Stuck between a wall and the desk...oh dear.

How did you find the explorer age?


Elizabeth said...

In the middle of it right now - and all those photos look very familiar!

PaisleyJade said...

Oh it's so nice when you don't have to worry about where they are all the time! Feeling for ya buddy!!

Sima J said...

Bahaha I love the 'stuck' photo! Luckily for me master K didn't CRAWL until 11months! Now that he has identified that stepping off high things is NOT a good idea life is good .. until next time anyway!

Happy painter said...

Oh no you into that child slave labour again.
He is just too cute

Meghan at MNM's said...

Ha ha that last pic is just precious! He sure is a little action man! Love the 2nd pic with the broom he looks like he's doing some kind of rhythmic gymnastics routine :-)

Neetz said...

Mate...Im not sure if you remember Asher at Mainly Music...he was walking at 9mths, so totally hear what you mean about the climbing and falling and bruises etc...arrghh hated every moment of that time!! And then Kendyl came along and walked at 10mths which was also too early for me thanks!! ;) haha and I HATE the explorer stage!! LOL want it over with as quick as possible! (love the "stuck" pic...hahahahaha) xxx

Leonie said...

oh look at him go. he's such a cutey and so curious!!!

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Oh wow, loving the broom action!!! Makes me think of the scene in 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' at the fair ground when he dances to 'Me 'ole Bamboo'! Also the chimney sweep dance in Mary Poppins!

It sure is a crazy busy time with a toddler exploring! Mad at our house for sure ;)