Thursday, December 16, 2010

What a sucky time to have a birthday.

7 years ago today we were waiting. After 9 months the anticipation was killing us. What was our first birth going to be like. Is it a boy or a girl. Who will it look like. Will my waters magically drop in the middle of the supermarket. Wouldn't that be so embarrassing! And we waited. The estimated Due date was 15 December...which had been and gone...could be any minute now we told our selves. Well this baby eventually arrived on the 18th December safely into the world and we experienced the miracle of child birth. The miracle is, the mother makes through to tell the story! Hard work alright!

An almost Christmas baby. What a sucky time to have a birthday! I feel sorry for people who have birthdays really in the thick of it...Christmas day, boxing day and the like. Friends are away having their holidays. No one wants to spend extra on presents.
So anyway I feel I can't quite get in to the swing of Christmas baking until after Saturday. A "littlest pet shop party" is on the agenda. The Christmas tree will disappear for the day and balloons and streamers will appear instead. I'll post some pics after the big day.


Widge said...

I know a few people with the same birthday and many others very close to Christmas. My friend stina ACTUALLY had a Christmas day baby!!
Hope your party goes great. I spose a bonus on the pressie front is that there are heaps of specials at this time of year :)

PaisleyJade said...

She's so cute amongst all the presents!! Awesome that you guys are making her day special - I know a certain little someone who can't wait for Saturday!

Little Kiwi Chick said...

Yeah, that's gotta be tough. Our nieces and nephew all have birthdays within one month of Christmas. My hubby always *suggests* each year that we give them one big "combined" birthday and Christmas gift and I'm always like "NO!!" You always hear that happens to kids a lot and I don't want to be one of the relatives that does it! LOL :o)

Leonie said...

What a gorgeous Christmas present :) Lovely photo!
My hubby is a Christmas day baby and when I met him his family seriously used to forget!!!
Well not in this house, we make sure breakfast is always about him and he gets a cake EVERY year... although last year was a BIG birthday so we did a separate party...he still had another cake on Christmas day though.