Saturday, December 18, 2010

Littlest Pet Shop party fun!

My little Miss 6 is now a Miss 7. Where has the time gone. She really wanted a Littlest Pet Shop party and like a good mum I obliged. After the mandatory google research, I managed to pull some enthusiasm together and put a party together for her and 6 friends, and tag along brother.
First Dadda practiced his face painting skills on our two. I thought he did a great job for his first time. It really set the scene for when the girls arrived, as they were keen as to pick a littlest pet to be.

Next we had craft time. Each of the girls was going to get a Little pet to adopt in their goodie bag so we decorated little carry bags for them. The stickers (mainly animal ones) were a big hit. Glitter and glue, they bedazzled those boring wedding favour boxes right up.

Other ideas
We had a game of jumping lily pads. Instead of musical chairs, we made green coloured lily pads which remained on the floor. Girls had great fun with this one.
For the decorations we had orange streamers with purple and white balloons with paw prints on them (the littlest pet shop theme colours)
For food we had hot dogs (American and the ones on a stick). Carrot sticks and dip, Sour worms...and that's about where the theme ended...the usual chips and dip, banana splits, fruit kebab etc.

This was the cake I made. Making birthday cakes has only become a recent thing for me (this is my fourth). I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. I amalgamated a couple of ideas I had googled and came up with this one.

Great fun! The girls had a great time. Master 4 had his moments and negotiating master 5 months was a bit tricky but all in all it wasn't too stressful, but I'm pooped now!.

Happy Birthday my little girl xx


Widge said...

Fun!! the cake looks great :)

PaisleyJade said...

Loved all the little extras you guys did - and the face painting was impressive! My girl had such a fab time!!

Link your party up here:

Leonie said...

wow! look at that fantastic face painting!! you could hire him out!
Love the cake too - especially the paw prints -cool
looks like a great party

Happy painter said...

Very clever and wonderful mummy and daddy. The cake is amazing and the face painting is the best I have seen. (Where do you get those painting skills from???)

Lyns said...

You did great. I wouldn't even know where to start...
Cake great. Face Painting great. Bet you had one very happy birthday girl.

Simoney said...

The face painting is AMAZING!!!
Well done daddy on the coolest pet faces ever.
And well done mummy on a wonderful party (and great CAKE!)

Kendyl's Place said...

AWESOME cake!!!! And great face-painting! I want to be a Mum just like you when I grow up!

Sima J said...

Wowsers that looks like an AWESOME birthday! Well done you - so organised! Cool games, cool cake, cool face painting - lucky her :-)

weza said...

awesome party, cake and face painting. I like very much!!!