Friday, March 28, 2014

bullet point ponderings

  • Why hello there?! I trust all is well in your neck of the woods. Just me, checking in with my favorite bullet point ponders. 
  •  I'm not sure whats going on with me at the mo. Social media. I'm a little bit over it. I finally took the first step, I got  rid of Facebook from my phone. I was getting a little bit ridiculous, checking it constantly and it was bringing out the worst in me. So both the hubster and I have taken FB off our phones..and he went one step further and got rid of instagram too. I still  dig instagram for now, so it stays. And I do still  check in with my favourite blogs too. Although our kids don't have phones yet I am trying SO hard to prevent them from getting trapped in the social media black hole. I would much rather they met or  talked to their friends in real life rather than these silly screens! You WE all used to do once upon a time. 
  • Anyhoo...I don't know what the answer is. We will probably all end up like these people from Wall-e

  • SO I did something fun a couple weeks ago ....I got a nice long needle to the shoulder joint! I may have mentioned before that I have had this crappy painful shoulder since October last year. Well I saw an orthopedic surgeon about it and he diagnosed it as "adhesive capsulitis" or "frozen shoulder". He recommended another steroid injection but into a different spot. Man it was painful! But guess what!? Now my shoulder is mostly pain free! Now I just have to improve my range of movement and I'll be playing golf in no time...ha! Maybe. My lovely physio "invited me" to our work gym and gave me some exercises to improve my strength and range of movement. And guess what? I actually enjoyed much so I'm thinking of joining one of the local gyms while our work one is getting remodeled. Time to get this fat butt into shape. I say that every year!
  • On the mummy front the kids have finished their athletics season. The conclusion is long distance running is their strength. Throwing things like a discus and shot put....not so much! They do have the skinniest arms around! Anyway, its all good learning. 
  • We have also been doing cooking lessons with mumma again. I honestly think the food tastes better when they help me. I take the time to teach...and we taste and take our time, and in the end the food is better. Case and point. A while ago I was teach miss joy to make the perfect steak. We like it medium rare... and this piece of rump steak was one of the best we had ever cooked! Perfectly pink in the middle. And I have found their taste buds are changing as they try new things. Win for all. 
{Delicious butter chicken and homemade naan bread}

 In other news....
{I went to the beach recently with the sole purpose
of eating this ploughmans meal for a picnic} 
{And of course to hang out with this lot}
{A day at the beach is never wasted}

{ I started a skin care regime for the first time in my life.
With the help of my beauty therapist I am trying to get rid
of my "pregnancy mask" using the Aspect range.
 Morning and night!} 
{ I tried my first ever spinach smoothie...
thankfully the banana and blue berries disguised the flavour}
  • My birthday is coming up next month. Just saying. There may well be a giveaway...
  • I'm thinking of doing what Katie from Mummy Adventures  does this year. She thinks up a number of  things to do before her next birthday that is about her age. Since I'm turning 33 I have to think up 33 things to do before my next birthday. I have an idea! Can you throw some suggestions my way in the comments section below. OOOhhh This could be fun or rather daunting! Making things...reading things....watching things...doing things....climbing things.....Help me out here! Ill take your  suggestions and come up with some of my own and we'll make a birthday thing out of it!

{ #nomakeupselfie}


Jenny said...

Hi :o) Yeah, social media. I am back on it hook-line-and-sinker after not being on FB for 4 years and I just joined instagram as well (not because I got a smart phone, but I found out that our new Samsung tablet supports it.) I HATE how addictive it is, that you just want to check it all the time in case something happens and yet you feel tired of it at the same time. Sometimes I wonder what I've done! I can see why instagram is the more popular thing at the moment, though.

Anyway, glad your shoulder is on the mend! Cool birthday idea... when I turned 30 I made a list of 40 things I want to achieve before I turn 40... so far have crossed off six or seven things so that feels good! Jen x

Little Gumnut said...

mmmm I know what you mean about the social media blackhole and us... let alone the kids. Pikalily is 11 and wants her own instagram account etc... eeks, I don't know. Other people do it but I can't stand it when I see teenagers glued to the screen and guiltily put mine away! Plus what is it about todays adults who check their phones while they're talking to you! I'm really trying hard not to do it but occasionally fall into the trap but it's annoying me more and more
[end rant]

I like your ponder list btw.

widge t said...

I can fully recommend a waxing like you may or may not ever had before! Ha!!
Go on a trek/hike somewhere
Visit North Canterbury and stay at my house!!!
Jump out of a plane or Bungay jump or something thrill seeking.
Take up a new skill or hobby, maybe an exotic cooking class or something.
Do a paper or brush up skills for your nursing.
And that's All I got this late at night. Will be back if I think of others. Love your bullets

Bron said...

Look forward to seeing what you come up with for your birthday challenge....Glad you are still getting some beach days in Winter will be here soon enough. xx

Leonie Kiwiatheart said...

oh the social media thing, yep.. I take it off my phone, I put it back, I take it off, I put it back.

I love seeing your Mumma cooking sessions!

And yeah... my birthday too ;) but I have no idea what to do... maybe try a new food? Visit Hamilton Zoo (oops, utterly selfish reasons for that!), make something you've never made before? RAK (random act of kindness).

Sima J said...

Loving the bullet points :-)
Some ideas ... ummm ...
- Hike up Mount Manaia
- Horse trek
- mid winter swim
- climb a tree
- organise a progressive dinner
- get up and watch a sunrise
- explore Limestone Island (make sure you take a camera - there are REALLY cool ruins there!)

Katie said...

Yay for birthday lists!
If you're sticking with Instagram you could add a photo-a-day challenge to your list? FatMumSlim does cool prompts.
I keep thinking about looking at Random Acts of Kindness as part of my birthday list....this year I am aiming to give something away every month but perhaps when I turn 33 in October I should aim to commit 33 RAKs? (Eeeek, that sounds scary!)
Look forward to seeing what you come up with :-)

Cat said...

Have you seen my list of 100 challenges on my blog?
Interested in how the skin care regime is going too