Friday, December 13, 2013

Is it Christmas Already!?

  • Well we are well on the way to Christmas now. The kids finished up school for the year on Tuesday, and we are in holiday mode. Me included! Every afternoon this week I have spent a little time in the back yard on my swing seat and read a book. Not just any book! The freakin HOBBIT! This book is such a challenge for me...because a) I usually only read biographies and b) Im not a fantasy fiction fan. Honestly the only reason I sat through the Lord of the Rings trilogy was because it was NZ made. And you know how I love NZ made. But I am determined... and so far I am pleasantly surprised! I am really 'getting' why people love this stuff so much...hubster included!
  • Our advent calendar is up and running and we are counting down the sleeps to Jesus Birthday and special times with family. We started the advent calendar last year, which I had put together from a kit set I bought at the lovely Tracy's Shop. The boxes are quite small, and can only fit about three lollies and a teeny piece of paper. And on that little piece of paper I have Advent Activities that we complete that day. Here are a few of the highlights so far...

bought a keepsake ornament

bought food for the food bank

  • So far we have also been to a Christmas Parade, put up the tree, read a Christmas story, made paper chains, written out Xmas cards and done Christmas coloring in pages. I think having a little Christmas activity each day gives the kids the best gift ...and that is TIME...and they like a little sugar too! But we have so much more to come...Christmas baking...attempt to make marshmallows...go see the lights...make ginger bread men... so much fun to be had at this time of year! 
  • As mentioned on this blog post...I took my annual Christmas card pic. I went for a beached theme once again... I cant help it!...we just love our Northland beaches and they provide a lovely back drop for my little sprogs. And as you can see by their faces, the sprogs love the beach...which means they smile more because they are just happy. I picked the beautiful Langs beach this year. Its not a beach we go to very often, but after this photo shoot Hubster and I agreed...if we won a million dollars we would retire here! Yes it really is that stunning.  
  • Again Master Zak Zak proved to be an unwilling muse. You really have to have patience for children's photography...something I have very little of. This year I took literally hundreds of photos so there were lots to sift through. I did the stupidest thing, I left the boys nice shirts at home on the couch, so unfortunately they are in their beach clothes. Oh well! Miss Joy looked beautiful in her new dress and was photogenic as always. Hubster was in charge of project managing the "Snowman". I think he did a good job without a bucket or spade. Once he finished his project he spent the next hour in the surf, while I wrangled the kids into my shots. 

The Final Product

To all of you who read this silly little blog, Thank you! 
Your comments and well wishes really warm my heart and make it all worth while. 
I so enjoy sharing snippets of my life with you to inspire, encourage or give you a laugh. 
And So with that...May I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, filled with fun, joy, family and great food.
I'm off to spend the next wee while wrangling my kids and enjoying the sun and holidays and possibly a little less blogging. 
Stay safe and may the Lord Bless you and yours. 

♥♥♥ Jacksta B ♥♥♥


TracyP said...

as per usual your Christmas photo is gorgeous! Have a wonderful Christmas Jacksta! see you in the New Year xxxx

Leonie said...

your photos are amazing Jackie!! Love them
and I seriously think you have the BEST advent calendar EVER!! I am going to steal a few ideas next year from you.
God bless xx

Meghan M said...

I love how much you are making an effort with the activities - and I cannot see a Northland beach in pics without such happy memories of our time there this year.

I know what you mean about kids in pics - but to be honest hubby was just as bad! I had to try and get a good shot of the boys and us as a family to give as canvases for Christmas presents - I'm pretty sure that hubby was squirming before they were!

Hope you have a truly awesome Christmas with the gift of love and family around you. Feel so blessed to know you and call you a friend xx

Jenny said...

Merry Christmas to YOU, too! I love reading your 'silly little blog' :o) And your photos - wow, that has to be the PERFECT Christmas card pic ever - look how happy they all are! Love the 'sand' man! And yes, Langs Beach - it is definitely one of our faves and possibly the most beautiful spot in Northland! We're hoping to retire there, as well, so we can be neighbours ;o) Dreams are free, right? Jen xo

Katie said...

Love the Christmas photo! Wishing you all the best wishes for a happy Christmas :-)

Leonie said...

What a lovely lovely post :) Merry Christmas to you and yours too and may you be super blessed next year :) Love the photo :)

Bron said...

Your Christmas photos is have been very festively busy...enjoy you time off and the fun things you have planned. xx

Miriam said...

love, love the photos and the money for the foodbank and then going to get the stuff - love it. Doing that next year x Merry Christmas beautiful, encouraging lady xxx