Tuesday, December 18, 2012

purple/pink party

Pink and Purple girls party.

Miss Joy turned 9 today. We decided the theme would be her two favourite colours.  Guests were asked to dress in pink or purple.

Purple balloons with Pink Streamers. 


We played one game the chocolate game. Kids sit in a circle and roll a dice. When a player rolls a 6 they get to put on the fluffy pink gown and purple hand gloves and use a knife and fork to try and cut off a piece of chocolate. The kids roll quite quickly so it’s a fast paced game.

The other thing the girls did was create a collage each. I bought a cheap board ($5 each) and found all the purple and pink things I could find at the local emporium. Pink and purple paint and glitter glue, sequins and feathers and a few clip art pictures off the computer. A fun activity for creative girls. 

I packed down and reset the table for afternoon tea.

We had an afternoon tea.  All the pink/purple food I could find in the supermarket aisles. I made the usual chips and dip but added a teaspoon of canned beetroot juice to add the pink colour. Cocktail sausages, pink biscuits and sweets.

I also made this layered Jelly (raspberry and blue berry) in a plastic margarita glass with a scoop of Jelly Tip ice cream, a drizzle of chocolate sauce and a pink wafer

The cake. 
I know layer cakes are all the rage but yesterday I just couldn't be bothered baking several different cakes so I made a purple/pink swirly cake instead.  I made butter cream icing and sprinkled purple and pink “fairy dust” over it. Quick and easy and it looked great. 

In lieu of party bags, lately I have been slicing up the cake and putting some sweets on a plate and sending them home with the kids and families to have at home. By the time kids have eaten all the party food and sweets they are usually too full for cake anyway. 

Happy Birthday To this special little girl


Tall Pipi said...

Love it Jackie - so simple yet stylish and something a little 9 year old girl would love. Happy Birthday Miss Joy!

PaisleyJade said...

Looks like such a great party! Love the art idea and the cake looks so good! Xk

TracyP said...

awesome party Jacksta!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss E!!!

Widge said...

yeah that's my kind of party right there! LOVE your cake. I have never made a rainbow cake because there is NO WAY i could ever be bothered making all those separate cakes, plus I don't even own the right tins...I had my first ever taste of rainbow cake just this weekend when my niece made some after all these years of blogging! hahaha :)
Happy Birthday to your girl, she's a stunner and sounds like a lovely kid xx

Sima J said...

WOW what an awesome party!! Well done you :-)

Neetz said...

Well done awesome Mummy... and Yayy gorgeous girl <3 Much love to you guys xx

Katie said...

Looks like a fun party and that cake looks yummy!

Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

Looked great Jacksta xx