Monday, August 1, 2011

Hi ya'll

That's all... I just wanted to say "hi". I'm feeling a little uninspired and wordless of late. So I thought I would just check in and say hi.
The holidays are finally over. We didn't do anything special. I didn't take many pictures. We just...well...rested. It was a long term and I think we all just needed a break. So I tried not schedule much. Little play dates and nights with Grandma and poppa.
So I sit here after having sent my kids back to school, quite relieved and thankful that my kids get to go to school. And I can sit and take a breather while Mr Zak zak has a nap. In silence.
I worked all weekend, and so today I take a breather day. I will clean the bombsite...eventually. But this morning I take a breather.

Tomorrow Im getting my first haircut in months...literally 5months! Well it was cut pretty short back in Feb..but I am way overdue for a pampering. It will be my first colour treatment in a couple of years. Ive been sticking with my natural colour for a while. Mainly because it costs a bomb but also because it was nice to have change and be just dark brown for a while.

I like this one but NOT with blue...but with RED. I like how the colour is underneath so it won't show my regrowth if I can't get my hair done for another 5months! Yay or nay? Register your votes before 9am Tuesday morning :)

It's August! Three more weeks until I get some time off to myself with a couple of days with girl friends. First to the Auckland bloggy get to together...and then to my first conference in what seems like years...this one. So looking forward to listening to my favourite gospel singer Kim Walker-Smith from Jesus Culture

And thought I might share some link love. I am loving reading this inspiring story from my fellow Whangarei Blogger- Neetz and her battle when she was a teenager with Ovarian Cancer. A miraculous story.
And also this Story of another beautiful Whangarei Friend and blogger Arna with her heart wrentching story of her premature bubba over the last month.

Guess I did have a few things to say afterall ;) Hope all is well your reality


PaisleyJade said...

Ooo yeah - bring on the awesome hair doo's I say! Totally loving reading the stories of Arna and Neetz. Really really looking forward to the two trips this month too!

Leonie said...

Love love love the hair!! Go for it girl!
And I am reading those stories too... such amazing inspiring women.
I am sooo envious of your conference with Kim Walker Smith -eek!! exciting!
and of course also looking forward to our bloggy get together.

Sima J said...

Hair = awesome! I love that you think like me .. no regrowth that you can see ;-)
Yay for girly time away too :-)
And I DID love those blogs - just read them this morning!

Rachel Kate said...

Oooh yes do it! New funky haircuts always make you feel good! :) and you could pull it off if anyone could too

Kate said...

I love the haircut - think it would look great with red :-) enjoy the pampering!

kendylsPlace said...

Do it, do it, do it! You will suit it big time, and I think you could either not straighten or straighten for a bit more oomph? Great choice! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Registering my vote for you to definitely do your hair like the picci! Love it! Do it!